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Alarming Academics Week at College Insurrection

Alarming Academics Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly dispatch from the world of higher education.

College students were shown a picture of Ahmed’s clock. Guess what they said it looked like.

The left is still alarmingly active on campus.

Right leaning students aren’t having as much luck.

And history is being rewritten.

What’s the point of being right?

Winning friends and influencing people.

Rape culture.

Some good news.

The government is all about fairness.

Free speech update.

Compare and contrast.

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Well, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck . . .

If I self-identified at “Fruit loop” would that be triggering?

This story had legs! It flew up so high that it became an Internet sensation. Most people don’t think Achmed is anything but a troublemaker. Even better, the father withdrew him (and his sister before him) from the Irving School System. So that was seen as an extra bonus.

Yeah, Microsoft sent this kid free gifts. But Obama doesn’t come out ahead in this story. Nor does Microsoft. Plus, people are guessing this kid’s future in the computer world ain’t that high.

Do you know who won? The Internet.