The Daily Mail is reporting an interesting twist in the Hillary email saga, EXCLUSIVE: Hillary’s email firm was run from a loft apartment with its servers in the BATHROOM

The IT company Hilary Clinton chose to maintain her private email account was run from a loft apartment and its servers were housed in the bathroom closet, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

Daily Mail Online tracked down ex-employees of Platte River Networks in Denver, Colorado, who revealed the outfit’s strong links to the Democratic Party but expressed shock that the 2016 presidential candidate chose the small private company for such a sensitive job.

One, Tera Dadiotis, called it ‘a mom and pop shop’ which was an excellent place to work, but hardly seemed likely to be used to secure state secrets. And Tom Welch, who helped found the company, confirmed the servers were in a bathroom closet.

It can also be disclosed that the small number of employees who were aware of the Clinton contract were told to keep it secret.

The way in which Clinton came to contract a company described as a ‘mom and pop’ operation remains unclear.

However Daily Mail Online has established a series of connections between the firm and the Democratic Party.

This raises serious security concerns, as CNN reports over 300 emails located so far now require review for classified information:

Intelligence officials assigned to review emails from Hillary Clinton’s server for classified information have so far recommended that 305 documents be referred to agencies for further consultation, according to a report filed with a federal judge Monday.

In court papers filed with U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras, the State Department updated its progress. It said that as of last Friday, Intelligence Community reviewers had completed a preliminary screening and determined that “out of a sample of approximately 20% of the Clinton emails,” the reviewers have “recommended 305 documents — approximately 5.1% — for referral to their agencies for consultation.”

Meanwhile, Hillary’s attorney David Kendall is in the hot seat, with Sen. Chuck Grassley questioning whether Kendall had the necessary security clearances to handle and review the classified information, via The Free Beacon:

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) is questioning the security clearance of Hillary Clinton’s attorney amid revelations that multiple of her emails to which he had access contain “top secret” information.

Grassley, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, authored a letter to longtime Clinton lawyer David Kendall on Friday demanding he provide information regarding the “security clearance” he possessed to maintain control of three computer thumb drives containing the approximately 30,000 work-related emails Clinton turned over to the State Department from her private system.

“The transmission of classified material to an individual unauthorized to possess it is a serious national security risk,” Grassley wrote. “Moreover, if a person unauthorized to maintain custody of the classified materials does in fact maintain custody, it raises legitimate questions as to whether the information was properly secured from foreign governments and other entities.”

“Many intelligence community personnel, uniformed personnel and the American people may be at risk when classified material is not properly secured,” the senator added.

On Thursday, Judicial Watch will ask a federal judge for discovery as to Hillary’s electronic devices and servers. I suggested that Judicial Watch may want to ask for the depositions of Hillary, Kendall, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. Perhaps Platte River needs to be added to the list.

More to follow.

UPDATE: FBI Optimistic It Can Recover Some Data From Clinton Server:

The FBI may be able to recover at least some data from Hillary Clinton’s private email server even though there was an attempt to wipe it, two sources with direct knowledge of the process told NBC News on Tuesday.


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