Racial politics has not spared modern feminists.

The latest “intersectionality” social justice warrior campaign rails against “White Feminism.” That’s right, White Feminism. Because every single bit of life, society, and culture must now be parsed into political subsections…

As is typical in the Land of Social Justice, each attempt to further define the the model social justice warrior leads to the alienation of the reigning Champion of the Cause. Such is the case with this video on White Feminism.

“You may have heard the term “White Feminism” lately, but what does it mean? Basically, White Feminism is feminism that ignores intersectionality. So, not all feminists who are white are White Feminists, but most White Feminists are white because white people just don’t have to think about things like race on a daily basis,” explains the video from the Huffington Post.

Language Warning:

“And we’re not just pulling the race card. White Feminism excludes the experiences of basically anyone who’s not white, cis, and straight. It assumes the way white women experience misogyny is the way all women experience misogyny,” the video continues.

And then it sinks even lower with a few factually inaccurate references to the Sandra Bland case. Do misogynists exist? Sure. Are they indicative of all men? Absolutely not. But by all means, let’s build our life view around the behavior of a fraction of mankind rather than the majority.

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Because modern feminism is so inclusive, it now demands that White Feminists, “shut the f**k up.”

In a fantastically contradictory statement, the video explains, “critiquing White Feminism isn’t about silencing those women, it’s about opening up space for even more diverse voices to be heard… Being a White Feminist doesn’t make you a bad person, it just means you have a lot to learn. Because sometimes as white ladies, we just have to shut the f**k up.”

The idea that the life experience of some is more valid, noteworthy, and important than the life experience of others is a consistent theme in the Social Justice movement. It’s also one of the movement’s biggest problems.

Modern feminism is no longer about justice or equality. For not only does modern feminism seek to punish men for simply being men, but it serves as little more than a purveyor of victimhood for the insecure and undisciplined in the most immature and selfish sense.

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