Whenever Hillary Clinton is in trouble James Carville isn’t far behind, snarling and sneering at her critics, labeling their claims as ridiculous and unfounded.

Parts one and two of this horror series came out in March of this year, as soon as Hillary’s email problems began. Now, he’s back for the third but certainly not final chapter.

Blake Seitz of the Washington Free Beacon reports:

Ragin’ Cajun James Carville is Back to Cover Hillary’s Tracks

James Carville, the wily Democratic consultant who has been a close Clinton ally for more than two decades, is back on the trail to cover Hillary’s tracks.

Since Clinton announced her campaign earlier this year, Carville has made the rounds on talk shows to downplay her burgeoning email scandal.

Carville has dismissed the scandal in characteristically peppery prose, calling it “a pile of garbage” that “won’t amount to a hill of beans.”

Certain individuals may find the following content disturbing. Parental guidance is advised:

David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun explains Carville’s reemergence:

How you know Hillary Clinton is in trouble: Carville called in to attack

I’ve been on assignment this week, and I still have not totally wrapped it. But I can’t let the week in media and politics end without commenting on Team Clinton going down to New Orleans, opening the coffin and taking the stake out of the heart of James Carville, the Count Dracula of attack spin doctors.

If I didn’t know Hillary Clinton was in trouble before I saw Carville, I do now.

What a screwball performance Carville delivered – complete with crying like baby to show his depiction of press coverage of Hillary Clinton, particularly the Washington Post…

The crying-baby imitation and repetition of the phrases “don’t amount to a hill a beans” and “stupid media people making stuff up” are all vintage Carville. Only now he’s lost the rhythm of attack and the ability to make his words sting. He’s become a parody of the media pointman of Bill Clinton’s once-feared media takedown machine.

Maybe he’ll get his game back. But Carville seems nowhere near winning campaign form right now.

If Hillary Clinton is somehow elected president, we’ll be seeing more of Carville.

Won’t that be great?


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