This month, we’ve seen Donald Trump levy a successful assault against Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign.

Trump forced Bush into a messaging pivot on immigration, revealed some ruffled feathers in the Bush camp, and successfully dangled reports that several of Bush’s donors have approached a Kasich-friendly PAC in Ohio.

When it comes to optics, Trump’s winning.

Trump’s latest social media offering, however, may just fall flat on its face. Team Trump put together a short Instagram video featuring family matriarch Barbara Bush uttering the words no Bush in politics ever wants to hear: no more Bushes.


Even Barbara Bush agrees with me.

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It’s true—Barbra Bush said those unfortunate words in a 2013 interview.

She’s also played a significant role in Jeb’s fundraising efforts, so there’s an argument to be made that her words are fair game. The only problem is that she served up a good natured recant of her comment this year during a live Skype conversation that featured former President George H.W., saying, “I’m changin’ my mind!”


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Trump can realistically do and say whatever he wants; but using someone with the personal appeal and gravitas of Barbara Bush as political ammunition is questionable. Particularly when there’s more than enough evidence to suggest that the former First Lady has since become convinced that Jeb is the best man for the job.

What do you think?

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