It’s ironic and perhaps not accidental that tonight marks both the first Republican Primary debate on FOX News, and the final episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I look forward to a ratings comparison next week.

Stewart’s political shell game occupies two sides of the same coin. On the first side rests Stewart’s claim that he speaks truth to power—as long as Republicans are in charge, anyway. Once Obama became president and Democrats controlled everything else, Stewart became a protector of the powerful.

On the second side we find what the Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher calls the “clown nose on, clown nose off” routine. When Stewart says something that helps Democrats, he’s hailed as a serious news analyst. When he says something outrageous about Republicans, hey—he’s just a comedian.

In honor of his last show, Justin Monticello and Alexis Garcia of Reason TV have put together a reel you won’t see on Comedy Central any time soon:

The Top 5 Ways Jon Stewart Was Full of Sh*t

Jon Stewart has been a major cultural and political commentator for the past 16 years. He liked to take down the powerful—at least, when his head wasn’t shoved up Uncle Sam’s a**.

As The Daily Show host ends his run, reminisce with Reason TV the top five ways Jon Stewart was full of sh*t.

Warning: This video is rated R for language.

Liberals are positively giddy over Stewart’s last show, especially attention hungry celebrities who want to be associated with his legacy.

National Public Radio reports that Stewart’s set will be donated to the Newseum:

The Newseum Will Acquire Set Of ‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart’

The Newseum in Washington, D.C., has announced that it will acquire the set of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart after the host’s last episode airs on Aug. 6. The museum devoted to the news says the set will be available for future display.

Stewart has hosted the late night show since 1999 and has interviewed an array of celebrities, including actors, authors and President Obama. He’s also been compared to Walter Cronkite from time to time.

“We are thrilled to accept the donation of these artifacts to the Newseum collection,” said Cathy Trost, senior vice president of exhibits and programs at the Newseum. “They are part of America’s cultural and media history, telling an important story about how political satire and news as humor made ‘The Daily Show’ a trusted news source for a generation.”

Walter Cronkite? Trusted news source? Please.

The clown nose is finally coming off forever.

Good riddance.

Featured image via YouTube.


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