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Jerry Brown Bans “Alien,” Targets Pot Farms

Jerry Brown Bans “Alien,” Targets Pot Farms

Brown’s policies derided by Cruz, Walker, and Fiorina

California’s economy is in no danger of catching fire, but its scenic beauty is.

Meanwhile, Governor Jerry Brown has been busy signing bills into laws, demonstrating an intriguing set of executive priorities.

First, he bans the word “alien” from the state’s labor code.

Sacramento has its own Censor-in-Chief. Gov. Jerry Brown just signed a bill making the word “alien” ironically illegal.

Brown signed SB 432 by Sen. Tony Mendoza, D-Artesia, to remove the term “alien” from the California labor code to describe foreign-born workers.

“Mendoza said removing the term ‘alien’ was an important step toward modernizing California law because it is now commonly considered a derogatory term with very negative connotations,” the AP/CBS reported.

“The only vote against the bill came in the State Assembly, from Assemblyman Matthew Harper, R-Huntington Beach (Orange County), who told the San Francisco Chronicle that the bill was ‘just a way for legislators to get their names in the paper….[t]he negative connotations come from the fact that people are breaking the law. Changing the word won’t change the fact that folks are here illegally.” Breitbart reported.

Then, he targets one of the few successful industries in the state. Why? Because marijuana farmers are surprisingly uninterested in following California’s numerous, complex, and expensive environmental regulations.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Friday signed into law a measure allowing steep civil fines against marijuana farms that damage the environment by dumping wastewater and chemicals, removing trees and killing wild animals.

The measure, one of 16 bills signed by the governor Friday, is meant to expand the powers of the state Department of Fish and Wildlife at a time when illegal marijuana operations are expanding significantly.

Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) introduced the measure based on concern that since California voters approved medical marijuana use in 1996, the number of illegal growing operations in state parklands and forests has increased.

Last year, state agents participated in nearly 250 raids on illegal marijuana operations in which 609,480 marijuana plants were eradicated and 15,839 pounds of processed marijuana was seized.

Investigators found more than 135 dams or diversions in rivers and streams that resulted in the theft of about 5 million gallons of water for marijuana grows.

Despite the fact that Brown isn’t running for President in 2016, Brown’s drought policies were harshly criticized by three Republican hopefuls during a campaign swing through the neighboring state of Nevada.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) of Texas, which has just begun to recover from a extreme drought, said that “global warming alarmists” were “just interested politically in more power over the economy and our lives,” according to a report by David Siders of the Sacramento Bee.

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin also pointed to environmentalists’ objections to building dams to store water: “I think radical environmental policies that stop things like dams from going in so that water..can be used effectively is something we should be talking about.

Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO who hails from California, told the Sacramento Bee that even if climate change was involved, “California has had droughts for millennia….And so knowing that, you would think that you would prepare for droughts by building reservoirs and water conveyance systems so that you could save the rainwater during years when there’s a lot of rain.”

Because the chance of California voting for the Republican candidate in November 2016 is between slim and none, conservatives in the state will have to settle for a light sprinkling of attention from the GOP this campaign season.

Meanwhile, we await the promised “Godzilla” El Niño that will bring rain, drought relief, and more inane climate change inanity. Mother Nature is the only entity making effective policy in California.


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To get rid of millions of illegal aliens, let’s just call them something else.

    userpen in reply to Rick. | August 16, 2015 at 7:26 pm

    You can call them Englishmen if you want to, but they will still shrug their shoulders and say, “No Engleas.” You can call them my fellow countrymen, but they will still prefer a Mexican flag. You can call them………..oh well, never mind.

    President Not Sure in reply to Rick. | August 17, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    I worked in the NOC of a large IT company and one of the tools we had monitoring the data center kept track of incoming connection attempts from outside the network and we had very little training on it. Basically, if we get a RED alert, we call head of security. After about 18 months of practically ignoring it, we finally got a RED alert and head of security was called. At 3am on Sunday morning. When I saw him in the office on Monday morning he asked about this monitoring tool and I told him we have instructions to call him when we get RED alerts. He fixed this by changing the tool to mark alerts PURPLE and left the instructions to only call him on RED alerts.

Sammy Finkelman | August 16, 2015 at 5:16 pm

Are things getting to be a little like before the Civil War?

California has no stinkin’ “aliens”. They are undocumented Democrat voters (and killers and rapists and thieves and…) in need of a cup of water…and, oh, California is water “challenged”. That’s all.

California voted for a new lexicon to solve the problem of anti-intellectual conversation.

DINORightMarie | August 16, 2015 at 5:42 pm

“[California] is so beautiful………and so messed up.” –Rush

He’s right. These leftist loons have followed, unwittingly, the Atlas Shrugged path to ruin.

What is frightening is that what happens in California usually hits the rest of the states only a few years later…….

We MUST win the presidency and get this country back on the path to Constitutional republican government, fiscal responsibility, and a Convention of the States to Propose Amendments to ensure they aren’t unraveled by future Congresses/SCOTUS justices/Chief Executives, etc.

“Alien” is not a derogatory term, it is simply accurate for foreign nationals.

What is INcorrect is “illegal immigrant” or “undocumented immigrant.” An “immigrant” is in the legal process of emigrating. Those avoiding the law are “illegal aliens,” PERIOD.

    Liberals don’t believe that words have actual definitions. They believe that how a word makes you feel is what it means. Since being called an alien feels bad, it must be a bad word and banning it will just make people happier. By insisting on bringing up outmoded “definitions” you are just proving that you’re a bad person who doesn’t want people to be happy. Understand?

Somebody once said calling an illegal alien an “undocumented worker” is like calling a drug dealer an “undocumented pharmacist”. 🙂

JackRussellTerrierist | August 17, 2015 at 2:25 pm

LOL! 250 raids reaped 15,000 lbs.! They should be embarrassed at that number. That’s about 6 acres’ worth. 6 acres of the largest agricultural product grown in the largest agricultural state in the country. They’ve got a long way to go. The Emerald Triangle, before grow-ops blossomed throughout the rest of the state, including small operations now found in urban areas, produces about 1.25 tons per acre. The average price of an ounce, all U.S. regions considered, is about $300. Thus, an acre producing 1.25 tons of pot is worth about $10M. The farmer doesn’t get that much because of operational and distribution costs, but they make one heck of a lot of money. There are about 100,000 acres under OUTDOOR cultivation. The indoor cultivation number is much harder to know. Nobody really knows what the total annual yield of pot is in California, but it is by far the most lucrative crop grown in the U.S. and is a large economic driver for the state.

Pot growing to California is what poppy growing is to Afghanistan.