The Democratic Party recently released its primary debate schedule and compared to the prolonged schedule of 2008, it’s tiny.

Party leaders are obviously trying to protect Hillary Clinton by limiting the amount of damage that could be done to her campaign in debate soundbites and video clips, but her Democratic rivals are calling foul.

Ed Henry of FOX News recently shared what he’s hearing from other Democrats and makes an excellent point. Back in 2008, the brutal primary battle between Obama and Hillary made Obama a better candidate.

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Henry: Democrats Tell Me They’re ‘Worried’ About Clinton Avoiding Media and Debates

Fox News correspondent Ed Henry said Friday Democrats have told him they are “worried” about Hillary Clinton’s ability to get into general campaign shape due to the party’s limited debate schedule and her avoidance of the media.

“I hear from Democrats, actually, they’re worried about Hillary Clinton,” he said. “Not taking a lot of questions from the media, although she’s started doing more, we should note. But also not doing debates until later because she’s not going to get into fighting shape. One reason Barack Obama was so tough in 2008: he had a brutal primary against Hillary Clinton. A lot of debates. They were tough. They mixed it up, but that made Barack Obama a better candidate.”

Watch the video:

A column by Hillary Chabot of the Boston Herald echoes the same sentiment:

Hillary Clinton hits N.H. as grumbles grow – Democrats demand more than just six debates

Hillary Clinton will be greeted by grumpy Granite State Democrats today demanding additional debates beyond the limited six sanctioned showdowns recently released by the Democratic National Committee — and even top DNC officials agree.

A group of high-ranking New Hampshire Democrats wrote an open letter yesterday demanding more debates, and a supporter of front-runner Hillary Clinton and former NHDP chair Kathy Sullivan concurred.

“Six may be too few,” Sullivan told the Herald. “Personally I’d like to have a debate after Iowa and before the New Hampshire primary in New Hampshire. That’s not on the schedule. I’m a member of the DNC, so they’ll probably get upset with me for saying that, but that’s how I feel.”

The Democratic Party’s efforts to protect Hillary Clinton could backfire in the long run. By trying to shield her from challenges, they’re only accentuating her vulnerability.

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