Hillary still is the odds-on favorite to get the Democratic nomination because of her enormous war chest and gigantic operative staff and SuperPACs.

But the Clinton Machine is not doing nearly as well as expected, and is in trouble in early states against Bernie Sanders. The crowds are turning out for Bernie, and Hillary’s favorability and trustworthiness ratings are plummeting.

Part of this is driven by Hillary’s inherent phoniness and crony capitalism, but much of it is being driven by the email destruction and private server scandal.

First, there was denial.  At her March 10, 2015 press conference Hillary denied there was a problem, and insisted that there was no classified information used on her personal email account.

Second, there was anger that anyone would want to inspect the server, since it contained personal messages between her and Bill.

Third, there was bargaining. We’ll give you documents, but only what we want to give you, and when we feel like giving it to you. But no inspection of the server. Never.

Fourth, there was depression, with the disclosure that there were Top Secret satellite and signals intelligence contained in emails, and that the Intelligence Community Inspector General had recommended an investigation into the potentially criminal mishandling of intelligence information.

Hillary and her campaign handlers are having trouble with the Fifth Stage, acceptance that the investigations and the damage to her campaign are not going away and doing serious damage.

So, in a completely contrived attempt to make light of the situation, Hillary’s handlers had her joke about how she just opened a Snapchat account and loves it because the messages disappear on their own.

Get it?

Disappear on their own. Laugh, laugh. Oh, this is all just such a big joke. Nothing to see here, move along. You all will get over it because I’m Hillary.

For die-hard Hillary fans, this will be enough.

But the email scandal isn’t going away, no matter how much Hillary laughs at it.

And she and her handlers know it.

[Featured Image via NY Times Twitter]