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Greenpeace brings Climate Change Jihad to India

Greenpeace brings Climate Change Jihad to India

Activists warn India to stay off coal

If you are following mainstream media in the U.S. or Europe, you will get an impression that a thuggish Indian government is shaking down the helpless environmental activist group Greenpeace.

The UK-based Guardian newspaper ran a story recently titled “India’s war on Greenpeace”, detailing a long litany of charges alleging India of investigating against “environmental activists”, freezing their funds and restricting their movement. In that article, a leading Greenpeace staffer describes peril of Greenpeace in India to The Guardian:

The weeks (…) had been the hardest Greenpeace India had ever faced. (…) Greenpeace’s registration was newly imperilled. Morale had plummeted. In all likelihood, the shakedown of Greenpeace, and of other civil society groups, will continue. It is in the character of this government to persecute its adversaries, and the convolutions of the law provide many ways for the state to install difficulties in their paths.

However, in reality it is Greenpeace holding India ransom; threatening dire consequences unless the country reviews its stand on coal.

India uses coal to meet its growing energy demands as it tries finally catch up with the developed world. Coal helps India avoid oil-imports worth billions from the Middle East.

But Greenpeace in India has declared “Jihad” on coal. This week Indian newspapery Business Standard reported of Greenpeace’s threats to prospectors looking into mining coal in a story titled, “Greenpeace warns coal block bidders of protests, delays”:

Greenpeace India, the non- governmental organisation (NGO) known for its environmental activism, has cautioned prospective bidders of the coal block auctions of lengthy project delays due to protests and legal action. Saying studies had proved 39 of the 101 coal blocks up for bidding were located in ecologically sensitive areas, it urged the government to reconsider their auction. (…) These [coal] blocks are likely to face significant delays in securing clearances, apart from the likelihood of legal challenges and opposition from affected communities.

These self-aggrandizing climate-warriors couldn’t care less how a country of a billion people feeds itself, covers its energy needs, or gets ahead in the world. In fact, Third-world misery is the best instrument in their hands to discredit capitalism and perpetuate Western guilt. Any non-Western country using industrialisation and private enterprise to lift its population from poverty and misery, refutes their anti-capitalist doctrine.

These activists are hell bent on stifling India’s economic growth and demand gratitude for their services — while they are at it.

Greenpeace has no hang-ups over conservative bloggers calling its tactics ‘Jihad’, alluding to Islamist warfare. Brushing aside such criticism, Greenpeace clears ‘misunderstanding’ about the Islamist concept on its website and enlightening people on the true meaning of Jihad:

[J]ihad in its true sense means ‘to struggle to improve one’s self and society’ (…) that sounds more like Greenpeace’s mission.

Isn’t it always delightful to see progressive pundits explain doctrines held dearly by regressive Islamists? It takes one to know one.

Video; Ezra Levant of the Rebel Media talks about Greenpeace’s standoff with India:

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Sic’ em, India…!!!

They’re just a gang of misanthropes. They want MOST people dead. Just not them.

soooooo they want India to go bigger on nuclear power?

BTW- India nuke plants are rather old from what I gather.

The Obama Justice Department will never go after Greenpeace. Another reason why a Republican must win in 2016.

Nuclear power is the way forward for India. An overuse of coal power plants is one of the reasons that China’s air is practically unbreathable, and the actual number of deaths from nuclear accidents is much smaller than the number of deaths from breathing grimy air.

India has a nuclear deal with the United States, and has proven to be relatively responsible with nuclear materials.

None of this is to excuse Green Peace for their behavior, but, in India’s case, nuclear power is better than coal.

Corruption is a large part of the difficulty India has in securing a reliable supply of electric power for its citizens, as meter bypassing and power theft remain endemic. With the result that there’s just not enough revenue to cover the cost of maintaining (let alone expanding) electric supply.

Although Greenpiece’s meddling surely does not help. These activists thoroughly deserve to be sentenced to a punitively rigorous (i.e., whatever you say and whatever you do, you’re guilty) course in post-colonialism theory.

Nuke ’em from orbit; it’s the only way to be sure.

The same people also want India to ban golden rice, because poor people like going blind. It’s traditional.

I suppose Greenpeace wants us to all return to the days of whale-oil lamps…

    Not exactly. They don’t want you to kill the whales. They would however, reserve the right to use whale oil theirselves. You will notice they do not paddle their boats.