Periodically throughout this summer, we are taking a look back at our coverage of the 2014 Gaza conflict.

It’s important to do this because a relentless propaganda campaign which falsely portrays the conflict as initiated and continued by Israel, when in fact it was initiated by Hamas rocket fire and continued by Hamas through a series of ceasefire rejections and violations.

So far we have covered:

  1. Gaza July 8, 2014 – Hamas Rockets Ignite War
  2. Gaza July 18, 2014 – Ground War After Hamas Rejects Ceasefire
  3. Summer 2014 – “Pro-Palestinian” rallies morph into anti-Semitic hatefests
  4. Gaza 2014: International media in the service of Hamas

Tonight we revisit one of the most notorious Hamas actions, the mass public execution of alleged collaborators without trial.

The facts of the alleged collaboration were disputed, including by families, and many of those executed were in fact in Hamas prison at the time of the alleged collaboration. Hamas used the conflict as an excuse to carry out a political reign of terror.

In late July, Hamas executed 30 alleged collaborators (via i24 News).

On August 22, 2014, another 18 were rounded up and publicly shot to death, after several were executed earlier in the week:

Men were brought hooded and shot in front of walls:

Children were gathered to watch the executions.


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