Let’s start the week off right with a topic I think we can all agree on: the Westboro Baptist church protesters are monsters.

If I’ve lost you with that one, just click away; this isn’t the blog for you.

The so-called congregation of the Fred Phelps-led Westboro Baptist Church is notorious for their hate-fueled protests against everything from gay marriage, to military funerals, to the entirety of Silicon Valley. God hates fags—and their smartphones, or something.

As it turns out, God also hates Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. (I, too, was expecting Him to come out against Nickelback, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. Who are we to question?) Westboro turned out to protest the Foo Fighters’ Friday night gig in Kansas City, and ended up getting Rick-Rolled* by a pickup full of sign-waving Foo.


Fantastic trolling, boys.

This wasn’t the first time Dave Grohl and his bandmates have taken it to the streets against Westboro. In 2011, the WBC protested another Foo Fighters concert in Kansas City—but the Foo Fighters (with the help of the drummer from Rise Against, because why not) were ready. Mildly NSFW:

We may disagree on presidential candidates, or Senate procedure, or the proper application of the 14th Amendment, but I think we can all agree that WBC almost always has it coming.

Have a great week, everyone. It’s time to give the haters hell.

*To “Rick-Roll” is to provides a hyperlink which is seemingly relevant to the topic at hand, but actually leads to Rick Astley’s mega-smash hit, “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

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