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Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho shot dead by poachers (?)

Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho shot dead by poachers (?)

Update: Conflicting reports

Following the shooting of Cecil the lion, the Daily Mail is reporting that his brother, Jericho, has also been shot dead by poachers in Zimbabwe:

Cecil the lion’s brother Jericho has been shot dead in a park in Zimbabwe.

The animal was protecting his lion cubs after he was shot dead by Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer earlier this month, sparking outrage around the world.

Johnny Rodrigues, Chairman for Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, said in a statement: ‘It is with great sadness and regret that we report that Jericho was shot dead at 4pm this afternoon.

‘We have no further details but will advise as soon as we know more.’

Before his death there had been concerns Jericho would not be able to hold the territory of Cecil’s cubs alone and could be chased away by rival lions.

Unprotected, the lionesses and cubs are now under threat and also move away or be killed.

Last week Mr Rodrigues, told the Daily Mail Online Jericho was keeping the cubs safe from any rival males.

Twitter is atwitter at the news:

UPDATE: Conflicting reports:


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“Poacher” is Collectivist-speak for “Local person who kills our pretty kitties”.

All part of the enviro-racism that keeps DDT from being used, Golden Rice from being eaten, and electrical power from being extended to the world’s poorest people by the world’s richest, most pampered, and stupidest people.

    Anchovy in reply to Ragspierre. | August 1, 2015 at 5:18 pm

    On the DDT thing….. I used to live on Padre Island. They had mosquitos larger than most lions and way nastier. DDT wouldn’t work on Texas mosquitos. Tactical nukes maybe but DDT…. no.

LukeHandCool | August 1, 2015 at 3:24 pm


Now that this phenomenon is starting to take on an organized, industrial-scale killing aura …

… maybe it should be dubbed Planned Poachinghood.

On a lighter note we can not let Hillary find our exculpatory evidence on Officer Tensing , she will free him, be a hero rise in polls and the headline Will say “Hillary and Tensing rise to epic heights”

Where is Merlin Perkins , W K and Jim when you need them ?

Something else is going on, here.

I wonder of those “poachers” are local heroes for getting rid of killers, and getting paid for it, too?

Midwest Rhino | August 1, 2015 at 3:55 pm

Good old President Mugabe probably killed Jericho, out of spite towards westerners for trying to interrupt his $50,000 cash flow bounty they get for each hunt.

Mugabe’s ill-fated “land reform” triggered massive rural poverty. Desperate Zimbabweans turned to big-game poaching, which has dramatically reduced the country’s elephant and lion populations.

And just last February, Mugabe himself reportedly dined on baby elephant during his 91st birthday party. It was a gift from a grateful landowner, who also presented Mugabe with a mounted lion as a trophy.

But a rich white American paying to shoot one is a better story than starving natives eating them. I bet he let them eat Cecil … it’s the polite thing to do.

Sorry… fresh out of outrage here.

I have no use for big game trophy hunters but the outrage machine has exploded into unbelievable levels. It’s time to just tune this crap out.

    Voyager in reply to Sanddog. | August 1, 2015 at 10:04 pm

    Pretty much. I mean, right now HA is reporting that Baltimore has had more murders in a single month than they’ve had for 40+ years, and are pushing nearly double the killings than they had last year.

    And we’re supposed to get all worked up about a single lion.

Without the fees from trophy hunting and safaris, these African nations could not employ any rangers at all for their preserves, and the poachers would rule.

But what is this nonsense about Cecil “protecting his cubs,” anyway? That is not typical adult male lion behavior, especially when on the prowl, as Cecil was when he was “lured off the preserve.” Were all those cubs “lured off,” too?

The more I hear about this, the less I believe.

Now watch…. all the other lions are going to riot, destroy property and loot liquor stores.

Awimmmmawayyyyy……. In the jungle the mighty jungle…….

I wonder if some “poacher” decided to cash in on the instant notoriety.

You just know there’s someone out there who’d love to have the head of Cecil’s brother mounted on his wall.

Of course, now that the news has announced that “Jericho” is dead, the unscrupulous poachers could sell many lion heads as that of Cecil’s brother.

Such are the dangers of the black market.

There are plenty of reasons to be outraged by these illegal, torturous, and financially damaging killings. See “Man who studied Cecil the lion for 9 years talks impact” at–cecil_the_lions_researcher-c2e228b7f2.html:

[Brent Stapelkamp, a lion researcher and part of a team that had tracked and studied Cecil for nine years] shares the anger, not just because of the demise of Cecil. Also because, he said, it’s not the first time a lion has been killed illegally around Hwange National Park in northwestern Zimbabwe, a reserve known for its rich wildlife. About a dozen lions in the region were killed illegally in recent years, Stapelkamp said, and no one was caught.

“I think this was just the final straw,” Stapelkamp told The Associated Press in a phone interview from the Hwange reserve. “Everyone locally just thought, no ways, we’re not letting anyone get away with this anymore.”

    “Everyone locally just thought, no ways, we’re not letting anyone get away with this anymore.”

    Because this time, as opposed to the dozens of times previous, it was a rich white Westerner with deep pockets, instead of a native poacher, and though he’d already paid his tjo-tjo, it apparently now either wasn’t enough ($55,00 goes a long way in Zimbabwe, but…), or it didn’t end up in the right hands.

    Zimbabwe is once of the most corrupt nations on earth where life, both human and animal, is dirt cheap, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d let someone hunt and kill a human if enough money changed hands.

    And in addition, that article you link to wrecks the pretty little narrative that “Cecil” and “Jericho” were “brothers.” This one went for the “refugee” angle instead:

    Cecil had an intriguing story, making him a celebrity in Hwange. He arrived as a kind of lion refugee, alone and wandering after being displaced from another territory. Cecil befriended another male lion, Jericho, and together they grew and watched over two prides, one with three lionesses and seven cubs and another with three lionesses.

    All these pretty little narratives, but not all of them can be true. Oh well. Truth is over-rated anyway, hey?

Just a few days ago, NPR was trumpeting that Jerico would kill every one of the cubs of his now-dead rival, oh the tragedy.

Now they are mourning for him as if he were a rich liberal who left his entire estate to the NRA, oh the tragedy.

Their narrative seems broken.

I cannot cope #CecilTheLion and now #Jericho what is the world coming to? ?— Ashleigh (@claw_ball) August 1, 2015

Good lord. I guarantee you that a week ago she had never even heard of #CecilTheLion, and yesterday at this time she had never heard of #Jericho.

And today, she “cannot cope.” Much sad. Many grievings.

I suggest, somewhat uncharitably I admit, that this state of “I cannot cope”-ness is neither a new nor rare phenomenon to the Ashleighs of this world.

    I also suggest checking out her Twitter feed, in which the tweets immediately preceding her “cannot cope” #OverweeningLionGrief were directly in support of abortion. The human kind, presumably.

    LukeHandCool in reply to Amy in FL. | August 1, 2015 at 6:47 pm

    I don’t know if progressivism encourages hysteria, or if the tendency towards hysteria encourages one to be a progressive.

    Either way, there is a relationship.

    I find it hard to fathom when people become hysterical at the death of a celebrity like Princess Diana or John Lennon.

    Get a life. Nobody wants to see someone die before their time, but you didn’t know these people personally.

    And then for people not being able to cope because of the death of a lion?

    I love nature/biology/wildlife just as much as anybody … but we are talking about an animal, for God’s sake.

    I could understand some outrage if the animal killed belonged to a species in danger of extinction, but it is not.

Or maybe not….

Conflicting reports emerge on fate of Cecil the lion’s brother

“According to CNN, the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force reported on its Facebook page at 4 p.m. local time that Jericho had been killed. An officer from the task force also had confirmed the killing.

However, an Oxford University researcher tracking Jericho told the outlet the lion was alive and moving as of 8 p.m. local time Saturday.

According to CNN, the GPS device used to track Jericho didn’t suggest anything out of the ordinary.”

All this hysteria about a poacher makes me glad that I like mine over easy.

Henry Hawkins | August 1, 2015 at 8:14 pm

It’s not about love of lions. It’s not about hatred of hunters or poachers. It’s about social media. On a regular basis something happens that goes ‘viral’ and people post their feelings about it via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Each event serves as a sort of blank slate upon which individuals post their feelings. 99% of the hystericals at their cores could not care less about these lions, but their deaths provide the event on which they can express their sense of selves being caring, loving liberals outraged over an unfair event. Poseurs need a stage.

Its a damn lion for Christ sake … not a tabby or kitten in your living room … who gives a sh*t … if you worry about “future” generations then take a video now and show it to them 30 years from now and tell them its from the day before since they would never actually see a live lion anyway even if they still existed … (which they will, mainly BECAUSE of big game hunting and not because of some NGO moron)

Humphrey's Executor | August 1, 2015 at 10:48 pm

If he’s not dead then for gods sake someone get him a bullet proof vest.

“glastoeve @glastoeve

I HATE this fucking world sometimes. Humans won’t be happy until they’ve eroded and destroyed the fucking planet. #CecilTheLion #Jericho
1:26 PM – 1 Aug 2015”

I think I saw this guy tweet the exact same tweet six years ago.

Except the planet was Pandora, and instead of Cecil and Jericho it was the Na’vi that had stolen his heart, because he had just seen Avatar.

He was so emotionally involved in that movie I thought he committed suicide. Now he’s got a whole new movie to get emotionally involved with. I wonder if he’ll survive this one.

I blame Animal Planet and shows like Meerkat Manor for turning these people into big trembling blobs of emotional Jello over fictional animal characters like Cecil and Jericho the lion.

I took a poll among Christian and Yazidi women being held as sex slaves in the Islamic State.

What causes you the greatest fear and anxiety?

“Betty Jo Workman @bettyjo62

I despair at what has happened today to Jericho #CecilTheLion there are some really bad people out there
1:34 PM – 1 Aug 2015 ”

84% said the cause of their greatest fear and anxiety is that Betty Jo Workman won’t get over her despair for two lions in Zimbabwe.

“Ashleigh ‏@claw_ball 14h14 hours ago

I cannot cope #CecilTheLion and now #Jericho what is the world coming to? ?”

Ashleigh would like ISIS and Al Qaeda to know America is ripe for the taking.

We’re sorta like the Eloi now, so I guess it’s time to bring on the Morlochs.

The only human tragedy in this story will be the two liberal Hollywood producers who will kill each other for the rights to the Cecil biopic, starring a rugged B-list actor as the lion researcher, an A-list tweener girl as his daughter (both who devoted their lives to studying Cecil, complete with

    forksdad in reply to gulfbreeze. | August 3, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    How is any number of liberal hollywood producers killing/maiming each other a bad thing?

    I think I like the original better anyway, “The Ghost and the Darkness”.

plenty of human-like Cecil behaviors), and either Daniel Craig (or suitable British-accented hunter) who while charged with protecting the father/daughter researchers, ends up respecting Cecil so much that the one time Craig thinks he will have to pull the trigger on him, he halts and instead, a single tear rolls down Craig’s cheek, as he’s overcome with respect for Cecil’s humanity for turning away from the fatal charge at the last instant, saving all 3 human lives. Give me a week, and I can wrap up the tear-jerking, beart-warming script sure to move the family to spend inordinate amounts on the Disney-branded Cecil merch(since Disney will not only make the Cecil feature and sequel, but option for an animated feature where Cecil meets Mufasa the Lion King in the early years, with an animated series to follow).