Scott Walker appeared on CBS This Morning Friday to talk about his campaign and how he did in the debate.

Oddly enough, as soon as Walker started talking about Hillary Clinton, Norah O’Donnell wanted to shift the conversation to Donald Trump and obviously wanted Walker to answer for Trump’s words and actions.

Walker handled it well and tried to steer the conversation back to his campaign but O’Donnell persisted. She clearly wanted Walker to comment on Trump.

Partial transcript via NewsBusters:

Rather than accept Walker’s rejection of Trump’s language, the CBS host continued to press the governor over Trump’s comments and demanded that he “denounce” his opponent:

You know that your own party did a full dissection of what happened in the last presidential campaign about how the Republican Party does among women and how they do among minorities. If you have the leading candidate in the Republican Party saying those things about women, when it was the largest gender gap in history in the last presidential election, can you denounce those comments here today, or is it just part of a freewheeling debate?

Here’s the full video:

We’ve seen this scenario played out a thousand times. Anything the media sees as a vulnerability for Republicans is asked about repeatedly and every Republican is forced to comment.

The media never does this with Democrats. No one from the MSM is forcing Democrats to comment on the disgusting Planned Parenthood videos. No one in media forced Hillary Clinton or any other Democrat to comment on Bernie Sanders’ outrageous 1970’s column about rape when it recently surfaced.

It’s an unfair tactic and the media will keep using it against Republicans for as long as it works.

Featured image via YouTube.