Our friends at National Review published a new video this week. The question is simple enough — Who is Hillary Clinton?

Election cycles are full of “The REAL so and so,” and “You think you know _____” oppo pieces. Sometimes positive candidate profiles manage to land underneath intentionally enticing headlines. So why is National Review’s any different? Is it any different?

Straightforward as the question of Mrs. Clinton may seem, it’s a hard one to answer.

For someone who’s spent so much time in the political spotlight, we know very little about Mrs. Clinton aside from her titles. She was Arkansas’ First Lady, then America’s. She went on to serve as a Senator and then after a failed presidential bid, Secretary of State.

But who is she?

The point I believe National Review was making, and one that should be taken seriously is that any attempt to describe Mrs. Clinton beyond political rank produces more questions than answers.

Even with so many impressive political roles under her belt, that there are few actual accomplishments to accompany the titles is peculiar.

We know she paid $2 extra for guac at Chipotle and that she has a fascinatingly morphing dialect. Mrs. Clinton stood by her man through thick and thin… several times. She used a separate email account and server while heading up America’s diplomatic relations for four years, and claims to have be an avid yogi.

We know she’s shifted views on gay marriage. As a Senator she gave an impassioned speech on traditional marriage, but as presidential candidate, sent numerous emails praising the high court’s decision.

Even more problematic is that off-the-cuff Hillary is horrendously awkward, stiff, and impersonal. See also: every single televised interview of Mrs. Clinton.

There’s always much debate about just how personable and approachable candidates should be, it’s their policies that matter most! some always argue. But when it comes to Mrs. Clinton, the void of both personality and policy chops will be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

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