A reader, let’s just call him Johnny, writes:

Seen on I-287 in NJ at 12:30 PM today [Monday, July 13, 2015]. It would appear the Dems have lost the teamsters. This is NOT a Photoshop.

I was skeptical, so I wrote back:

You promise it’s not a photoshop?

He responded:

I took the photo with my Droid Turbo. If you think speaking to me personally will convince you, my cell is [xxx-xxx-xxxx]. Note that I was speeding!

Bumper Sticker - New Jersey - Trump on Truck Highway


I assume you request anonymity, in that case.


Nah! As a professor of law, I presume you can expertly state that the 72 MPH read-out on my GPS is not admissible in a court of law!

Okay, “Johnny,” looks legit, but you violated something more sacred than the law:

(I appreciate readers sending me images of bumper stickers, but please do not cut people off, engage in high speed chases, or follow someone home just to get a photo.)

But I repeat myself.