Code Pink is a radical left wing organization, known for interrupting speeches, addresses and crashing gatherings by being loud, waving around signs and sometimes dressing up as female body parts.

This week, Ted Cruz was speaking at a Stop Iran rally in Washington DC. After being introduced, the Senator was almost immediately interrupted by Code Pink protesters.

Rather than having them removed from the area, Senator Cruz actually invited the Code Pink spokesperson over and engaged in a back and forth debate with here. The video is below and goes for about 24 minutes.

Both sides were at times getting rowdy but Senator Cruz made sure the spokesperson had her chance to speak as well as another member of Code Pink that came over as well.

It’s pretty fascinating to watch because no matter what you think of Code Pink, here was a United States Senator, being approachable and willing to discuss this issue out in the open with an American citizen, exercising her right to free speech and free assembly.

That was a classic example of what makes this country so great.


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