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Some of the most American things on the internet

Some of the most American things on the internet

Happy Independence Day

From all of us at Legal Insurrection, we want to wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Independence Day. To celebrate, I’ve compiled some of THE most American things on the internet.

This weenie dog trying to save people from a roman candle

Captain America punching Hitler

captain america hitler

Reagan riding a raptor


The way we roll


Just one of the many times our founding fathers disagreed

I mean, he’s not wrong.


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Well, that’s different!

Oh, never mind!

Chaucer: “I think we ought to celebrate our differences”

Roland: “Just maybe not in public.”

A Knight’s Tale 2001

“Drunk History” didn’t even get to the really juicy stuff. The 1800 election livened up when Hamilton and Burr got into the swing of things, with Jefferson and Burr tied in the Electoral College for President, and Jefferson having to nudge Hamilton to somehow deliver New York’s votes, even though he’d circulated rumors (true rumors, but still rumors) about Hamilton’s parentage, and had published his … let’s just say, stolen private letters. John Adams got the last laugh, though, with a midnight appointment making his Secretary of State, that old Federalist stick-in-the-mud John Marshall, the Chief Justice. Presidents have been using appointments to annoy their successors ever since.

Good times …

One does sometimes have the feeling that despite wearing silly wigs and uncomfortable pants, they enjoyed their politics a bit more than we do today. The old sport of siccing their hunting dogs on each other while in session on the floor of Congress would certainly boost C-SPAN ratings. And then there’s duelling …

    Stan25 in reply to tom swift. | July 5, 2015 at 1:21 pm

    Wouldn’t happen to be referring to the Hamilton – Burr affair? Hey dueling was legal then. Then some sob sister got a law passes against that.

    Dirk Northwood in reply to tom swift. | July 5, 2015 at 5:55 pm

    Tom Swift sir. Nice analogy. Yes. Tom J did have to smoke a little pole. However: they were so much more literate, educated in history, and PROFESSIONAL in public. Nothing was as dirty as 1828 but they all seem quaint compared to the scum we have today.