If decent people staffed Planned Parenthood, you wouldn’t be seeing much of the organization right now. They’d be hiding out after having what any reasonable person would describe as the worst week ever. Outed as baby killers and organ brokers-for-profit, on camera, with shock videos accompanied by uncut footage? If it were me, I’d be hiding under a desk somewhere.

Planned Parenthood, however, is not staffed by decent people, and they aren’t keeping their heads down. Instead, they decided to use a lighthearted, innocent cartoon to rally support for their butchery.


Leave. My Minions. Alone.

According to The Hill, neither Planned Parenthood, nor Universal (the studio that released the “Minions” movie) have responded to requests for comment.

I’m not sure how this played out in the heads of whatever social media guru unleashed this tweet, but in practice, it’s really not working out very well.

Planned Parenthood has been accused of horrific things—and they decided to respond by appropriating a cartoon character beloved by children that but for the grace of God could have ended up on their chopping block.

Whether it’s panic, or anger, or fatal levels of confidence at work here, one thing is certain: Planned Parenthood has officially outed itself as the most tone deaf organization on the face of the planet.

H/t The Hill