You know what I always ask myself when considering my stance on any hot-button piece of legislation, particularly matters of national security? Gee, I wonder what Hollywood thinks.

Except I don’t do that because I have a brain. One that I enjoy using.

But there must exist people who demand Hollywood’s expertise on matters of national importance or videos like this one wouldn’t exist.

Utilizing one of the most annoying video formats in existence, various celebrities work together to complete a sentence. Like this one:

“I love playing frisbee with my sons. I love the sound of the waves on the Pacific at sunrise. I love curling up with a good book. I love to see my grandkids smile. But if Congress sabotages the nuclear deal with Iran, we could be denied the very moments that make our lives worth living.”


But it gets better, and by better I mean it quickly morphs into an intellectually and factually vacuous black hole:

“Why? Dude, cuz we’d be dead. Super dead. Like, totally fried by a major nuclear bomb dead. I won’t be able to play frisbee with my sons because there won’t even be a frisbee. The frisbee will be melted. We will be melted. Or worse… toasted? Yes, Natasha, but most people think toast is delicious. This would not be that kind of toast. It would be like a really dark unpleasant cloud of death toast.”

Video in its moronic totality here:

I get it. It’s supposed to be funny, light-hearted, provocative, and all that jazz. And it might have been funny if it wasn’t stupid.

To act as though we’re all going to die if Congress doesn’t stop Iran from getting a nuke in 10 years plus tens of billions to fund terror until then?

Hard to think of something lamer than the ignorance it takes come up with that completely false argument. It’s also really cute that they’re pretending Congress is the problem with Iranian nuclear talks.

Then again, this is Hollywood we’re talking about.

No way such stupidity will work. Just like Obama’s Julia and Pajama Boy nonsense didn’t work. Oh, wait?!?

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