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Iran’s Supreme Leader taunts U.S. and Israel on Social Media

Iran’s Supreme Leader taunts U.S. and Israel on Social Media

“Israel’s security will not be ensured whether there will be a nuclear agreement or not.”

When Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei isn’t spending time negating U.S. diplomatic statements, he’s taunting Israel and the whole of the West on social media.

“We will continue our unprecedented efforts to strengthen Israel’s security,” said President Obama at the beginning of a video Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted Monday. The video ended with Khamenei saying, “Israel’s security will not be ensured whether there will be a nuclear agreement or not.”

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with Italian TV calling Khamenei’s video, “a failing on the international scene.”

The Supreme Leader’s grand standing meant to embarrass American officials and embolden Iranian hardliners is having the intended effect. Last week Khamenei chided U.S. officials claiming America’s “bragging” about prohibiting Iran’s acquisition of nukes was due to “domestic problems.”

He also used attempted to offer up advice to U.S. officials:

Then he threatened to disgrace America’s armed forces in the event of war:

And also accused America of intentionally stirring up regional strife:

Saber rattling aside, Khamenei’s comments are even more concerning in light of the revelation that President Obama made side deals with Iran which he kept from Congress.

Iran Truth writes:

Congressmen Mike Pompeo of Kansas and Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas issued a press release today in which they outlined aspects of the Iran deal which are being kept secret from the public and even the U.S. congress which will soon vote on whether or not to approve the deal.

Pompeo and Cotton met with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna on Friday. During this meeting, it was disclosed that two undisclosed side deals are part of the greater agreement between Iran and the IAEA.

The first regards inspections of Iran’s Parchin military complex. The second has to do with the military aspect of Iran’s nuclear program.

From the press release:

“According to the IAEA, the Iran agreement negotiators, including the Obama administration, agreed that the IAEA and Iran would forge separate arrangements to govern the inspection of the Parchin military complex – one of the most secretive military facilities in Iran – and how Iran would satisfy the IAEA’s outstanding questions regarding past weaponization work. Both arrangements will not be vetted by any organization other than Iran and the IAEA, and will not be released even to the nations that negotiated the JCPOA. This means that the secret arrangements have not been released for public scrutiny and have not been submitted to Congress as part of its legislatively mandated review of the Iran deal.”

The American public has not been given all the facts on the Iran deal, nor has congress. This is not only distressing but a violation:

“Even under the woefully inadequate Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, the Obama administration is required to provide the U.S. Congress with all nuclear agreement documents, including all “annexes, appendices, codicils, side agreements, implementing materials, documents, and guidance, technical or other understandings and any related agreements, whether entered into or implemented prior to the agreement or to be entered into or implemented in the future.”

Troubling, indeed.

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During the demonstrations that eventually toppled first Mubarack and then Morsi, I observed the chatter on Twitter. Anything any US polititian would say about Egypt was on Twitter immediately. Nothing out of Iran was passed on, even if it made the US national news.

Khamenei is an international pariah.

    Not A Member of Any Organized Political in reply to Valerie. | July 22, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    Oh my!

    When I was joking last week that the Iranian dictator was mocking Obama with

    “I really made Obama do the pig,”

    turns out it was true!!!!!

Anyone that still thinks Obama is just incompetent should now be wide awake. This is a plan, and it is not one that even remotely favors the USA. That is being charitable.