This week, conservatives in Congress discovered the existence of a side agreement that renders Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran even more reckless than we originally believed.

During a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, it was revealed by Administration officials that, as part of the agreement between Iran and western powers, the IAEA’s investigation into Iran’s past nuclear activity will depend on samples collected by Iran from its own military bases.

From National Review:

As a former intelligence analyst experienced in the collection of environmental samples for investigations of weapons of mass destruction, I found this allegation impossible to believe when I heard Senator James Risch (R., Idaho) make it yesterday morning.

In his questioning of administration witnesses, Risch said: Parchin stays in place. Now, does that sound like it’s for peaceful purposes? Let me tell you the worst thing about Parchin. What you guys agreed to was [that] we can’t even take samples there. The IAEA can’t take samples there. [Iranians are] going to be able to test by themselves! Even the NFL wouldn’t go along with this. How in the world can you have a nation like Iran doing their own testing? . . . Are we going to trust Iran to do this? This is a good deal? This is what we were told we were going to get when we were told, “Don’t worry, we’re going to be watching over their shoulder and we’re going to put in place verification[s] that are absolutely bullet proof”? We’re going to trust Iran to do their own testing? This is absolutely ludicrous.

The Iranians also announced they will not allow inspection of military sites.

The Ayatollah knew all of this, of course, and now he’s rubbing it in via Twitter (h/t Gateway Pundit) .

The Ayatollah has been spending a great deal of time on Twitter gloating about Obama’s nuclear capitulation:

…and threatening Israel:

It’s easy to blow off what happens on Twitter, but the content and tone of the Ayatollah’s tweets are indicative of more than just an ill-tempered sense of humor.

“Death to America” isn’t just a slogan—it’s a way of life:

This is who we’ve chosen to negotiate with. This is who we’ve chosen to trust with the safety of our allies, and our people.


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