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Contracts and Consent Week at College Insurrection

Contracts and Consent Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly dispatch from the world of higher education.

It’s getting to the point where college students who date will need their own lawyers.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to hire an accountant as well.

Unless you win the lottery.

Democrats think they have the solutions to these problems.

One Republican sees another way.

Not everyone is worried about sex on campus.

Some people are more concerned about marriage.

And everyone should be nervous about the higher ed bubble.

Except for Sweet Briar.

It’s still all leftism, all the time.

This story sounds awfully familiar.

Not ready for Hillary.

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Kids, you’d better start thinking of interesting and convenient places to keep a pen when you’re naked.

The irony here is that the left – which has been hell-bent on sexualizing young people into political obliviousness — is now embarked on a campaign that will inhibit the sexual activity they have tried so hard to corrupt youth with.