Charles Krauthammer was recently interviewed by Charles R. Kesler of the Claremont Institute who asked for his opinion on the future of liberalism.

The conversation begins with Krauthammer’s thoughts on the liberal journal The New Republic, for which Krauthammer served as writer and editor in the 1980’s. He points out that TNR has never turned a profit and that little will change under its new leadership.

Their talk then shifts to the future.

Krauthamer suggests that the Democratic Party will shift back towards the center after Obama, who he says “wrecked” the party. He cites the short bench of candidates they have for 2016 and the drubbing they suffered in the last two mid-term elections.

He doesn’t necessarily know where liberalism will go but ends with a reference to the economist Herbert Stein who famously suggested that if something cannot go on, it won’t.

Take a look and leave your thoughts in a comment.

Featured image via YouTube.