As summer officially opens, battle lines are being drawn in the war against “cultural appropriation”.

This particular engagement pits Sioux Indians against a counter-cultural group that loves Native Americans a little too much.

The peace and love were interrupted by profanity Monday as Rainbow Family members confirmed their plan to congregate an estimated 5,000 people July 1 to July 7 somewhere in the Black Hills, but were immediately confronted by opponents of the gathering.

…The Rainbow Family of Living Light is a loose association of people who’ve been gathering since 1972 around the ideals of peace and healing. Some Native Americans have expressed concern that the gathering is not appropriate for the Black Hills, considered sacred Indian lands.

Before the indoor meeting began, Native American activist James Swan, of the United Urban Warrior Society, parked a pickup west of the building, planted two flags and used a portable sound system to berate the Rainbow Family contingent that was gathered under a light rain on the west lawn of the visitor center.

I must admit, having your culture appropriated by The Rainbow Family of Living Light would be disturbing, as this video clearly shows:

As a citizen activist, I am fascinated by how the local Sioux are fighting this continuing inanity. James Swan, a member of the Lakota band of Sioux Indians, is leading the effort to end this annual gathering.

He clearly does not appreciate the hippie homage to Native Americans.

To some Lakota, the love fest threatens to desecrate the sacred Black Hills National Forest, where 5,000 to 20,000 hippies are expected to dig trench latrines, fire pits and kitchens. Swan and his band of activists with the United Urban Warrior Society say they’re planning a blockade and will remove the bums.

Swan said Rainbow Family adherents tried to soften him up by saying, “We’re just like you, [but] the government doesn’t recognize us as a tribe.”

“You’re not a tribe,” Swan added. “You’re fricking fruitcake people.”

Frankly, he might have more success arguing about the adverse environmental impact from this event. That being said, we’ve rarely seen a clearer example of cultural appropriation.

However, someone should really let Swan know that trans-race identification is the hottest new trend!

My question of the day is this: Given that the Sioux were famed as warriors on the Great Plains, why are they the focus of worship for “peace and love” hippies whose ranks are comprised of beta males?

Neither Elizabeth Warren or Rachel Dolezal were available for comment.


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