Speaking from a plane hanger in a Dallas suburb Thursday afternoon, Governor Perry officially launched his second bid for the White House. Flanked by Navy SEALs, Perry was introduced by his wife, Anita.

Meet the former first lady of Texas, Anita Perry. Over the years, I’ve often heard Governor Perry refer to Anita as, “his rock” and it’s easy to see why.

Perry’s Coaxer in Chief as CNN called her, addressed one of the most crucial issues of Perry’s 2016 campaign — his glasses.

“He’s got these new glasses that have gotten a lot of attention,” observes CNN, “What do you think? Did he need a new image?”

“No, he needed the glasses to see! I mean, this really just tickles me, it makes me laugh. He needed those glasses from a childhood injury when he was 16 or 17-years-old and the vision in one eye deteriorated such that he had to have the glasses. So I picked them out. Really, I like him without the glasses, but he had to have them to see.”

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Mrs. Perry addressed her husband’s now famous “oops” moment, and what they’ve learned from the 2012 campaign.

[Featured Image taken from this tweet by Anita Perry]

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