I returned to La La Land.

Just before taking the drive up to Santa Barbara for a small get together of faculty sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation. We’re taking a tour of the Reagan Ranch on Saturday.

Spotted the bumper sticker in the Featured Image while still in L.A. As I said three years ago, OMG, it really is La La Land.

Bumper Sticker - Los Angeles - Obama Biden 2008 and 2012_Redacted

Takes a special kind of person to keep both ’08 and ’12 Obama-Biden bumper stickers on the car. I take that back. It takes a completely not-special person

The good news is that I had a chance to reunite with frequent Legal Insurrection commenter LukeHandCool.

We both wore shades indoors so no one would recognize us.

William A. Jacobson LukeHandCool Los Angeles 2015