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Just. Go. Away.

Just. Go. Away.

All three of you.

From J:

From Charlottesville, VA.

How crazy does one have to be to display this seven years in?


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Sigh. Do any of these Nimrods know just difficult it is to remove a bumper sticker without destroying the paintjob??

These aren’t your Grandfather’s era vehicles!

SeniorD beat me to it. I usually put a small sticker on the lower part of the back glass, then it is easily removed with a razor blade.

still see them here in #Failifornia

along with stickers for 2012, not to mention “Shrillery!” and Fauxcahontas as well…

not seen any Bernie (Idiot-Vermont) ones yet, but i’m sure they’re out there.

after all, we’re a special kind of stupid here, you guys.

Big deal, I still have a “Bush-Cheney ’04” sticker on the bumper of my ’94 Dodge Ram. And I am not ashamed.