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Get ready for Gaza Flotilla III

Get ready for Gaza Flotilla III

What possibly could go wrong?

Israel has a military blockade on the Gaza strip due to Hamas control which has turned the 40-mile long strip of land into an Iranian rocket base. There are other radical groups there, such as Islamic Jihad and now ISIS-related groups, who also have rockets.

Iran could ship vastly larger and more sophisticated quantities of rockets and missiles if it could use ships rather than smuggling tunnels, and it has tried multiple times.

This video shows the Karin A vessel seized in 2009, ferrying arms to Gaza through Egypt. Imagine if such ships could dock directly in Gaza, or offload to smaller ships just off the coast.

In March 2014, another ship was seized.

A U.N. panel has deemed that the naval blockade complies with international law, which is quite amazing since the U.N. almost never agrees with anything Israel does.

That is the context in which you have to view the so-called “Freedom Flotillas” organized to break the blockade.

Under the pretext of shipping humanitarian aid to Gaza, various international groups aligned against Israel have participated in two prior “flotillas” designed to break the blockade. The flotillas are a farce as humanitarian aid can be delivered to Israeli ports and then trucked to Gaza.

Thousands of trucks enter Gaza with civilian supplies, even though there is a long history of Hamas and others firing mortars to stop the flow of civilian goods, and then complaining that the flow of civilian goods was temporarily halted.

Gaza Flotilla I in late May 2010 was organized by Turkish Islamist groups aligned with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s party:

On May 31, 2010, Flotilla I ended in disaster when Israeli naval forces boarded the main ship and were attacked with metal bars and knives. In the ensuing fight, 9 of the flotilla participants were killed.  

The usual international “useful idiots” served as cover and human shields.

Gaza Flotilla II was foiled when its ships were sabotaged by “unknown” people and its activists arrested before departing foreign ports.

Now get ready for Gaza Flotilla III:

A flotilla carrying pro-Palestinian activists is heading to Crete en route to the Gaza Strip in a bid to break the Israeli and Egyptian-imposed blockade on the Palestinian enclave.

The Marianne of Gothenburg, a Scandinavian fishing boat, traveled from Sweden through the waters of Norway, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal before reaching Messina, Italy, last week.

“The short stop in Messina was an intensive one with meetings with peace activists and a press conference at the city hall,” the group noted on its website.

On board the ship are Swedish journalist Kajsa Ekis Ekman, Swedish-Israeli composer Dror Feiler, Spanish Member of the European Parliament Ana Maria Miranda Paza, and others.

The boat was making its way to Crete, Greece, on Sunday, before attempting to breach the blockade and reach Gaza. Along the way it will meet up with at least two other boats that make up the flotilla.

What possibly could go wrong?


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Hellish environment allowed to flourish thanks to 0bama’s feckless administration.

And John Kerry wants to run for President if/when/as Hillary stumbles?

    platypus in reply to clafoutis. | June 21, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    So you think the lame horseface would try to follow the lamest duck? I’m pretty sure the American people are done with electing the galactically stupid.

When even Turkey and the OIC acknowledge that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, chances are, there is no humanitarian crisis.

Of course, there has been another war since the last flotilla, one what was so clearly the fault of Hamas that even the King of Saudi Arabia noticed.

The Gaza Flotillas are yet another outgrowth of the advertising campaign by Hamas to convince Muslims that they have an individual, religious duty to kill every living Jew.

Meanwhile, Israel actually does allow humanitarian aid to Gaza, which is very likely why its limited naval blockade has been approved by the UN.

Unless and until the Hamas Covenant is repudiated by Muslims, there will be violence in the Ummah.

Not surprised the Swedes are involved, their hatred of Jews is well known.
LATMA TV parody of We Are The World.

LukeHandCool | June 21, 2015 at 1:50 pm

Puppets of the Mediterranean III

I hope those “unknown people” are still on the job and ready to disable vessels as needed, where needed, when needed.

This reporting by Prof. Jacobson defines Father’s Day. It speaks of a clear and present danger and a counter posing defense a father would offer.

Happy Father’s Day to Prof. Jacobson and to Father Abraham. And Happy Father’s Day to Rags and to Henry and to all fathers who defend the innocent, the fatherless, widows and orphans.

Gremlin1974 | June 21, 2015 at 3:39 pm

I can’t say what I think of this here. Willful ignorance only ever helps evil.

Sink em and make artificial reefs. For the fish children

    Gremlin1974 in reply to Frank G. | June 21, 2015 at 3:58 pm

    Actually, I was going to suggest that they steal an Iranian torpedo and sink them with that instead.

I would set out a line of buoys with the clear message: “Pass this line, you WILL be sunk as a combatant enemy.”

And then do it.

One of the things that stopped the last flotilla was Shurat Hadin sending letters to the major maritime insurers, informing them that by insuring these boats they would be breaking various countries’ laws against giving material aid to terrorists, and exposing themselves to civil and criminal liability. The insurers took heed and cancelled the boats’ insurance, whereupon Shurat Hadin informed the Greek harbormaster, who refused to let them leave harbor without insurance. Presumably the same thing will happen again, if it comes to it. Shurat Hadin’s legal case is as strong as ever, and so is their willingness to press the matter. If you’ve got some spare cash looking for a good cause, this is one.