hopes to expose the dangers of the Obama administration’s dealings with Iran.

As part of the site launch, IranTruth released a new video chronicling the devolution of President Obama’s Iran stance, beginning with Senator Obama’s campaign promises:

More than once, Iran’s Supreme Leader has completely contradicted our own State Department. While our government assures us our nuclear agreements with Iran are iron-clad, Iranian officials publicly announce they will not abide by these very same agreements.

IranTruth argues:

Iran has also demonstrated an unwavering commitment to building nuclear weapons, enriching uranium in violation of international treaties and proliferating ballistic missiles with which to deliver weapons of mass destruction.

Unfortunately, the Obama administration treats Iran as a rational partner for peace. Since Mr. Obama became president he has been so desperate to achieve a nuclear agreement with Iran that his administration has been prepared to make any concession and ignore all bad behavior by Iran to get a legacy nuclear agreement. Obama administration officials have also repeatedly misled and lied about what they have agreed to in the nuclear talks with Iran.

In short, President Obama’s nuclear diplomacy with Iran will concede the bomb to Tehran.

David Reaboi, foreign policy expert and Director of, said, “There is no more important issue facing our country. The American people need to be told the truth about Obama’s reckless deal that—even he admits—guarantees arming the world’s largest state sponsor of jihadist terrorism with the world’s most dangerous weapons.”

Mr. Reaboi shared with us why IranTruth is such an important project. “We started IranTruth because, in order to cut through the fanatically partisan media, we realized the voices of truth needed to be louder.”

“Since coming to power in 1979, the Iranian regime has seen America and Israel as its greatest enemies. In the last half-decade, Iranian expansionism, mischief and destruction has barreled across the Middle East. They now control 5 of the regions capitols; the casualties are mounting, and they are promising more to come.”

“Obsessed with opening relations with our mortal enemies, the administration and the media are trying to make Americans not notice that, rather than become more moderate, the mullahs have become more aggressive as they draw closer to obtaining nuclear weapons.”

The American people need to know the character of the Iranian jihadist regime and its dedication to worldwide Islamic Revolution.”

IranTruth will be a one-stop-shop. According to Reaboi, “ will feature news, analysis, original videos, and backgrounders, covering issues like Iranian sponsorship of Hezbollah and Shia terrorist militias in Iraq and Yemen. will speak loudly but authoritatively, telling the truth about Iran’s threat to our national security, to Americans and Jews around the world, to the people inside Iran, as well as the broader Middle East.”

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