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Branco Cartoon – His Little Pony


The cartoon image on the right … can you tell me again which character is the ass?

Sadly, I think that universe exists inside the brain of a certain POTUS. This was spot on Mr. Branco, painful, but spot on.

Please Branco, stop with the naked Obama!

At least give us a trigger warning. “This image may trigger revulsion & nausea!”

He’s certifiable I tell ya… But the RINO infested surrender monkeys in Congress refuse to do what must be done!

It’s like the election of 2014 had never occurred and Reid/Pelosi are still in charge while the little poser puppet romps in fairyland…

    The top GOP leader is being – and has been – extorted. There is no other plausible reason for Boehner’s bizarre backstabbing of fellow Republicans and his complete compliance and toadying to Obama.

    Like a mafia hit victim’s body left in the street as a warning, The late indictment of former GOP Speaker Dennis Hastert warns Boehner and McTurtle.

inspectorudy | June 4, 2015 at 9:54 am

That is one great cartoon! What I do not understand is the willingness of the Republican Congress to roll over for this clown. It seems to me, an old Marine, that when in combat you do whatever you have to do to stop your enemy. Then you can explain it later after you have won the battle. The old expression is, “It is better to apologize later than to ask permission before”. If Congress would use the same unconstitutional tactics that obama uses then they could win the battle and apologize later.

    You do have a point, but not the solution, I regret.

    You say: ” If Congress would use the same unconstitutional tactics that obama uses then they could win the battle and apologize later.”

    I don’t think Congress has access to the Supreme Leader’s “pen and phone” because any action they take will be vetoed and they don’t have the votes to override. And even if they did have the power, they don’t have the testicles to use it.

I love it because of its harshly cool truth! POTUS needs urgent psychotherapy of the most immediate kind.

    Yep…And–Lucky/Blessed Us–His Infantile Majesty(and the Missus)will be sucking the ions outta the air for what…3-Decades after leaving his 8-yrs of Carnage.**
    NO Talent. NO Leadership. NO Principles. NO Honor. NO Love of Country. Vast Malignant Narcissism similar in size to Billy Bubba yet none of the “dancing” talent. Unquenchable Appetite. ‘Nuthin but an appetite.

    How about he’s moved to the comforts of Shady Oaks Asylum and its kind-helpful-medication & ESP Staff for the first 10-yrs.?

    **See: Billy the Rapist and The Shrill**)

There is a good Op-Ed in The Times of Israel

” Mr. President, you asserted in your striking, heartfelt Israel Channel 2 interview broadcast Tuesday that “I can say to the Israeli people: I understand your concerns and I understand your fears.”

But here’s the thing, Mr. President: You don’t. And your interview made that so unfortunately plain. You don’t fully understand our concerns and our fears — not as regards the ideologically and territorially rapacious regime in Tehran, driven by a perverted sense of religious imperative, and not as regards the Palestinian conflict. “

Gremlin1974 | June 4, 2015 at 5:46 pm

He is the personification of “Legend in his own mind.”