As conservatives, we’ve long claimed that Democrat policies disproportionately harm black communities and families.  And we’ve long been ridiculed for making such claims.  Now, however, a black pastor from Chicago’s South Side is inviting Republican, as well as Democrat, presidential candidates to talk to his congregation because he feels that Democrats have not been as loyal to African Americans as they have been to Democrats.

The Daily Beast reports:

[Pastor Corey] Brooks isn’t the only person to believe a great change must occur for inner cities across the country to be able to break free from the poverty and crime that envelope them. But the pastor is looking to a different source than others for that change, one that doesn’t usually count O Block among its campaign stops: Republicans.

Look around the neighborhood that contains O Block—Woodlawn—and you’ll see why, Brooks said.

“We have a large, disproportionate number of people who are impoverished. We have a disproportionate number of people who are incarcerated, we have a disproportionate number of people who are unemployed, the educational system has totally failed, and all of this primarily has been under Democratic regimes in our neighborhoods,” Brooks said from the office of New Beginnings Church of Chicago, his own, Wednesday morning. “So, the question for me becomes, how can our neighborhoods be doing so awful and so bad when we’re so loyal to this party who is in power? It’s a matter of them taking complete advantage of our vote.”

Pastor Brooks is a Republican, according to Hot Air, and has been “outspoken about the results of Democratic machine politics for quite some time. Now, though, Brooks believes that his community and others like it are ready to look for a change.”

So far, only Rand Paul has accepted his invitation to address and meet with his congregation, but both Scott Walker and Ted Cruz are reportedly discussing a visit to Chicago’s South Side.

Watch Pastor Brooks on Greta: