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Are we doing enough for Iraqi Christians?

Are we doing enough for Iraqi Christians?

A new docudrama uses the past to explore whether we are doing enough today

A docudrama called Sing a Little Louder is based on a powerful true story from World War II.

Set in World War II Germany, the film tells the story of a young German boy who’s church was located next to the train tracks. Every Sunday at the same time, trains taking Jews to death camps passed by the church. One day, a train broke down. The cries and screams of the Jews being carted away were so loud, the pastor instructed the choir to sing louder to drown them out.

Juliana Taimoorazy, the film’s executive producer and President of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, says the church in the West is no different than the small German church. While Christians in the Middle East are being persecuted and slaughtered for their faith, Christians in the West are singing a little louder.

“As we say “never again, never again!” Let us really walk the walk,” Taimoorazy implored. “There is a real genocide that is unfolding right in front of our eyes, so what is it that forces us to remain silent?”

Taimoorazy explained that some Christians don’t want to be viewed as Islamaphobes, others don’t believe the ancient Christian community in the Middle East is really Christian (it is, I can attest to this), and others have no clue what to do.

News Max’s Steve Malzberg points out an obvious problem — the media’s unwillingness to report Christian genocide.

The parallel is jarring, but is it inaccurate? What are we doing for those dying for their faith?

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It seems that “Never again!” really means, “Who’s involved?”.

Count me among those who do not know what to do. The US military has had the devil of a time bringing home our proven allies, such as translators who had endangered themselves to help us. The Department of State has resisted them every step of the way.

But, illegals and terrorists have no problem crossing our land borders, and in California, are deliberately welcomed by our (underfunded) welfare state.

Meanwhile, the President wants to implement a “strategy” that is unrealistic because of the constraints he has put on it, and blames the military by saying we have “no strategy.”

Meanwhile, we are watching the result of the President of the US doing exactly what he promised in Iraq and Afghanistan (withdrawing) and we are seeing the result our military predicted, chaos and the rise of yet another Islamist mess.

What the hell am I supposed to support doing, given this administration?

America under the leadership of this administration is not doing enough to protect US Christians. They seem only to care about New Black Panthers and that ilk. The rest of us can go to hell. What gave anyone the idea that Christians and Jews in other countries would be protected.

Very damn little is the answer. We are doing nothing to save those Christians. We should be ashamed.