OK folks, just a hit-and-run post here on the Zimmerman/Apperson kerfuffle.

Commenter “Merrymary” from our previous post on this subject (George Zimmerman Attempted Shooting – New Facts Released) was kind enough to send me the audio of the third-party 911 call made after Matthew Apperson fired a shot at George Zimmerman; she also provided some police documents. (Thanks!)

We, in turn, provide them to you.

Here’s the 911 call, or at least the brief portion released so far by the police:

Here’s the Lake Mary Police Department written press statement:

And here’s a partial (preliminary) police report, which is largely just a check-box document they need in order to initiate a criminal investigation. What’s listed there that appears as a “criminal charge” should not be taken as substantive.

Stay tuned—I expect we’ll have more as the day proceeds.

–-Andrew, @LawSelfDefense

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