We don’t like to kick a loser when she’s down, but when this story appeared on Legal Insurrection’s radar we thought it was too good to keep to ourselves.

The pink sneaker wearing hope of progressives isn’t finished with her fall from grace.

Terri Langford of the Texas Tribune:

Wendy Davis Fined $5,000 for Ethics Violation

The Texas Ethics Commission has fined former state senator and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Wendy Davis $5,000 after finding “credible evidence” that she failed to include her relationship with two lobbyists on financial disclosure forms filed during her 2012 senate re-election campaign.

The commission issued an order detailing its findings and the fine on Thursday, nearly three years after a complaint was filed by Davis’ Republican opponent, Mark Shelton, who narrowly lost the election to Davis by 2 percentage points.

Shelton complained that Davis’ personal financial documents for 2010 and 2011 did not properly indicate that her law partner, Brian Newby, was a registered lobbyist. The firm’s unpaid executive director, Marcy Weldin Foster, was also a registered lobbyist in 2011, and that was not disclosed. The commission found Davis received fees for services from her own firm and another that she worked for “of counsel,” Cantey Hanger, in 2010 and 2011. Both firms paid Newby as a lobbyist, and Cantey Hanger paid Foster as a lobbyist.

What a shame. Just as she was getting ready to launch the next phase of her career.

Anna M. Tinsley of the Star-Telegram:

Wendy Davis to promote gender equality

After months of being out of the spotlight, Wendy Davis is back.

The former Democratic gubernatorial candidate, known nationwide for her 2013 filibuster against new abortion restrictions, is sparking speculation and garnering media attention as she alludes to a new initiative to promote gender equality that she hopes to soon unveil.

Davis told the Star-Telegram Tuesday that she’s not ready to detail her initiative, because it’s still in the planning stages, but she has said she hopes to bring more women’s voices into the political discussion.

“I hope to garner a cohesive force of women who can advance gender equality in a myriad of ways … and pull together women from all walks of life, all generations, all races, to use our power at the ballot box and elsewhere to drive change,” the former Fort Worth state senator told the Odessa American this week.

Tough luck for Wendy.

If she ever runs for office again, maybe she’ll choose better allies.