I hate the N-word.

Everyone should hate the N-word. (We can have the “hip-hop” culture debate some other time.) It represents an ugly underbelly of a culture that should be ready to give up on words like the N-word; yet somehow, it keeps popping up in the lexicon—and the “social justice warriors” (#SJW on Twitter, for those of you playing at home) aren’t making it any better.

Late last month the internet went into full meltdown mode after the Rev. Jamal Bryant addressed the riots in Baltimore by claiming that “thug” is the 21st Century’s N-word. Some pundits and activists (including CNN’s Don Lemon) cried foul—and renewed their objections in the wake of the biker gang shootout in Waco, TX—but it takes more than a few pundits to make a dent once the SJW set has had their way with an issue.

Conservtive pundit Steven Crowder took to the streets recently to figure out just how far Team SJW had gotten with regards to convincing the general public that the T-word is the new N-word. Watch:

Crowder poses the question: “Some people in the media have said that “thug” is the new N-word. Agree or disagree?”

The participants responded, and didn’t attribute the T-word to anything having to do with race:

“Oh, disagree. Absolutely disagree.”

“Anyone can be a thug.”

“A thug can be anybody. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a black person.”

A resounding no.

(One participant tried to chalk use of the word “thug” up to sexism, but that’s alright, mostly because what she said makes absolutely no sense and will probably be ignored by everyone for all eternity.)

This brings up two important points for those of us who live inside the bubble that is the 24 hour news cycle. The first is that the SJW mentality may not be nearly as pervasive as it seems. Even if Crowder’s crowd sample is too small to be scientific, he still managed to find a handful of people who think that equating “thug” with the N-word is beyond ridiculous.

That means there’s hope—which brings me to my second point.

Just because there’s hope doesn’t mean that we can afford to slack off when it comes to calling this garbage out. The left feeds off its ability to appropriate words and phrases, then change their meaning until the original intent is left in a smoking heap on the side of the road.

We can’t stop the left from trying to twist our words into something racist, but we can call them out on it by showing the world examples of real people who reject the idea that a small minority of activists should be allowed to project their warped world views onto innocent bystanders.