The Department of State released 296 emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email account early this afternoon.

We’re sifting through the emails one at a time, but this is what we’ve found thus far:

Based on this chunk of emails, the majority of Mrs. Clinton’s communications with her staff involved abreviated printing directive, “Pls print.” “Heavily redacted” is a generous description of this Friday document dump.

Hillary Clinton email redactions Benghazi scandal president 2016

Two days after the Benghazi attacks, a Clinton aid sent an email summarizing the President’s phone conversations with Libyan and Egyptian presidents. But we’ll never know what those conversations entailed because, well…

hillary clinton emails redacted responses secretary of state benghazi classified information scandal

In a press conference a few weeks after it was revealed Mrs. Clinton used a private email account for the duration of her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton said no classified information was sent from her private email account.

As we noted at the time, how Mrs. Clinton was able to function as the Secretary of State and not transmit classified information via email as she claimed is… suspect. Further, if this email sample is indicative of what the State Department does on a daily basis, then we must wonder what they actually do, aside from passing around Politico articles.

Immediately after the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, there are multiple references to an anonymous, “sensitive source” who claimed the now famous YouTube video agitated demonstrators and ultimately resulted in the attack.

annonymous source youtube video benghazi hillary clinton secretary of state

Here, the source is listed as a senior security officer, and multiple causes — not one, were said to be the reason for the attacks.

security official accounts of benghazi emails hillary clinton scandal state department

That morphed into the State Department’s position that the YouTube video was solely responsible despite other evidence to the contrary.

Susan Rice This Week Benghazi Scandal Hillary Clinton Emails

There’s also this:

We’ll keep you posted as we and others are able to dig through these more thoroughly.

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