RickPAC served up its latest offering this morning. Filmed in the beautiful Granite State, Governor Perry is shares the message of American exceptionalism.

“This is an incredibly resilient country. We’ve gone through a civil war, we’ve gone through two world wars, we’ve gone through a Great Depression, we made it through Jimmy Carter,” Perry says speaking to a group. “We are a blessed country and it makes me proud, but there is something wrong.”

Perry has yet to announce candidacy and hasn’t given a timeframe for when he plans to do so.

After his ill-fated 2012 campaign, Perry is taking his time preparing and laying the groundwork for his 2016 bid. He’s toured Iowa, staffing up, and quietly building support before taking the big plunge.

One of several Governor’s in the race, Perry is confident his record will stand out in the crowded GOP primary. According to Jim Geraghty at National Review:

“No one handed me a manual that says, ‘Here’s how to deal with the Space Shuttle disintegrating over your state.’ No one says, ‘Here’s how to deal with a massive influx of people from a neighboring state fleeing a major hurricane [Hurricane Katrina].’ ‘Here’s how you handle a crisis on your border with people flooding in.’ ‘Here’s how you handle a major disease [the cases of Ebola in a Dallas hospital].’”

“I think most Americans would agree that experience is priceless, and the only way you get it is by being there and doing it,” Perry concludes. “There’s not a book you can read on this.”

He’s healthier this time around, too. Prior to his 2012 run for the White House, Perry underwent back surgery. The recovery time wasn’t quite what he’d anticipated:

“Being healthy is really important,” Perry said Friday. “I had major back surgery in June or July of 2011. Six weeks later, I was thinking, ‘I could do this.’ I broke my arm when I was a kid in high school, and I was back playing in six weeks. What could be tougher than that? Well, there is something. You’ve got to be healthy. You’ve got to be on your game. But, more importantly, there’s the preparation side to it.”

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