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Presidential Politics Week at College Insurrection

Presidential Politics Week at College Insurrection

Your weekly dispatch from the world of higher education.

Students at the University of Maryland couldn’t identify the president who ended the Cold War.

Yet sadly, some of them will support Hillary Clinton for president.

Because many of today’s college students have a leftist view of politics.

It’s a good thing we focus so heavily on diversity.

The truth about equality.

Hollywood on campus.

Sex ed?

The return of rape culture.

Compare and contrast.

Higher ed bubble update.

No respect for life.

The one percent.

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The most aggravating point in the Marquette story is the “students of color” (guessing beige need not apply) demand “two more required courses” on “white privilege.”

That means there are already required courses on this nonsense, but however many are currently required seem to be exactly two too few to establish a Utopia on campus, or something.

We pay for this crap, you know.

“Don’t Judge Blacks Differently” . . . except when you’re adding hundreds of Affirmative Action points onto their college and grad school applications, right? Or when you’re hiring a less-qualified black job applicant so that you can fill some “diversity” quota, or when you’re checking to see if enough black people have ownership stakes in a business, so that it can qualify for some set-aside or minority preference in a government contract, etc. And certainly “don’t judge blacks differently” when you’re selecting a presidential candidate!

The Rutgers course on Hillary Clinton was a pass/fail class.

The final exam ask ones question along with a performance exam: “Grotesque stealing and selling-out her nation aside, Hillary has not a single accomplishment as a First Lady, a Senator or a Secretary of State. True or false.”

The performance exam is graded by the amount of money a student can swindle Rutgers out of.