Remember when any criticism of a black man running for president was indisputable proof of racism? MSNBC doesn’t.

Progressives have forgotten everything that happened since the 2008 election and they think we have too. It’s already obvious that Dr. Ben Carson, a renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, is not going to get the respect the left gave to America’s most successful community organizer.

Ken Shepherd of News Busters:

MSNBC Pundit Suggests Ben Carson an Affirmative-Action Case Who Drank the GOP’s ‘Kool-Aid’

According to MSNBC pundit Michelle Bernard — best known at NewsBusters perhaps because of her insistence that there is a “war on black boys” in America — savaged newly-announced GOP presidential aspirant Dr. Ben Carson tonight by alleging his success is all owed to “affirmative action.” She also suggested that he’s a disgrace to his enslaved ancestors and to the black community in Baltimore, where he’s lived throughout his career as an acclaimed neurosurgeon…

MICHELLE BERNARD: It is absolutely horrifying. You take one look at him and you say to yourself, well, your ancestors didn’t come here on their free will, so how is the Affordable Care Act in any way comparable to slavery? Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have the same problem. People are going to say, who is the real Ben Carson? The person who probably went to Yale and University of Michigan for medical school because of affirmative action and because of social problems and didn’t end up like many of the black men that we see in prison today in Baltimore, where he came from, because of these same social problems.

Here’s the video:

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know why Democrats will never be fair to Dr. Carson.

And while we’re on that subject, here’s former Obama adviser, David Axelrod:

No double standards to see here, folks.

Move along.

Featured image via MRCTV.