For Democrats the solution to every.single.problem is simple:

make it rain dollar bills democrats funding throw money

Infrastructure needs updating? Raise the gas tax. Some don’t have health insurance? Use someone else’s money to give it them. And why should women have to pay for birth control? Toss some taxpayer money at them too! The list goes on…

Most recently, Democrats decided the tragic Amtrak derailment was the perfect opportunity to shamelessly push for more funding.

People died? Well, this wouldn’t have happened if Amtrak had MORE FUNDING. Harumpf. Democrats, essentially.

Susan Ferrechio of the Washington Examiner explained:

Democratic appropriators Wednesday tried to amend the fiscal 2016 Transportation funding bill with a provision that would fund Amtrak at $2.45 billion, which is the level requested by President Obama in his 2016 spending plan.

That’s more than twice the $1.14 billion House Republicans propose for Amtrak. The GOP-led panel defeated the amendment, and Democrats immediately criticized the move.

“It is deeply troubling that my Republican colleagues defeated an amendment to fully fund Amtrak just hours after his tragic rail crash,” said Rep. Nita Lowey of New York, who is the top Democrat on the Appropriations panel.

The GOP bill cuts Amtrak funding by $200 million from fiscal 2015.

Rep. Lowey was joined by a chorus of other Democrats. Sen. Blumenthal, Sen. Baldwin, Rep. Horton, and Connecticut’s Sen. Murphy all condemned the mean, evil ol’ GOP for not dumping more money into the Amtrak money pit.

As details of the deadly derailment trickle out, it turns out the engine was a 2014 rig — not an old, dilapidated getup. It was also revealed that the train was speeding along at 106 miles an hour on a 50 mile an hour bend. Clearly, the infrastructure is responsible.

democrats money amtrak funding

Who knew it was all so simple? All we have to do is dump more money into the national infrastructure and no one will never speed again!

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.02.37 PM

If only Democrats had shared their little monetary secret with us sooner, we could’ve saved the planet years ago. Alas…

The tasteless shark jumping of Democratic lawmakers aside, believing money cures all ills is about as disconnected, elitist, and inhumane a view of the world I can imagine.

[Featured image a screen grab from this video of a cat rolling around in money]

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