The newest edition of Afterburner with Bill Whittle is titled I Support Free Speech, But…

In the video, Whittle examines the controversy surrounding Pamela Geller and the limits so many of her critics are willing to impose on free speech.

Whittle offers numerous examples of provocative free speech from progressives which didn’t result in murder attempts and turns the left’s arguments against Geller upside-down in the process.

Watch the whole thing:

Bill Whittle isn’t the only person who has noticed the big ‘but’ some people want to place on free speech.

Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller:

Sure, Free Speech Is Awesome, BUT…

Free speech applies even to people you don’t like. In fact, practically speaking, free speech applies only to people you don’t like. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even have a concept called “free speech.” It would just be “speech.” Nobody ever tried to silence someone else for agreeing with them.

Pamela Geller isn’t responsible for anyone’s actions but her own. Those religious zealots chose to plot and execute a terror attack against her, and they suffered the consequences. It’s nobody’s fault but theirs.

For Iowahawk, pointing out this hypocrisy on Twitter became something of a running gag:

We either have free speech or we don’t, folks.

No buts about it.

Featured image via YouTube.


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