Carly Fiorina visited New Hampshire this week and according to WMUR News, she received a warm reception:

Fiorina moves closer to possible presidential announcement

MANCHESTER, N.H. —Republican Carly Fiorina is reportedly set to officially enter the presidential race, and she’s crediting New Hampshire with helping her make the call.

The announcement could come as soon as Monday, and the former Hewlett-Packard CEO has spent a lot of time in the Granite State. Despite growing criticism from Democrats about her record as an executive, she appears to be gaining some traction.

After almost a week of drawing increasingly large crowds in New Hampshire, Fiorina appears poised to make her candidacy official, though she won’t confirm it yet.

“New Hampshire has helped a lot because I have gotten a huge amount of encouragement,” Fiorina said.

Although she has never held elected office, Fiorina has been set up as a counterpoint to another female presidential candidate, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a video report:

Fiorina will surely face more questions about her tenure at Hewlett-Packard but that’s not a bad thing.

Melinda Henneberger of Bloomberg:

What Brought Carly Fiorina Down at HP Is Her Greatest 2016 Asset

It would be hard to find anyone not connected to her campaign who likes her odds of actually reaching the Oval Office. But there’s no mistaking her seriousness, and the campaign itself has been its own kind of success. She’s impressed audiences at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the Iowa Freedom Summit, and Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition with her unapologetic conservatism and gone after Hillary Clinton on everything from conflicts of interest to wearing her sunglasses inside that Chipotle. She’s also shown an appealing gameness on the campaign trail, a looseness and willingness to play along. At HP, a common critique was that her best event was marketing herself. In running for president, that’s a core skill.

“She’s gotten better,” says conservative writer Ed Morrissey. “I never count anybody out who’s got that kind of talent on the stump. The idea that the first office you hold shouldn’t be the presidency is going to kick in at some point, but she’s going to impress people all the way through.”

Featured image via YouTube.

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