It seems that attacks on Scott Walker seem to boomerang and simply add to his political persona of being a regular guy.

Did you hear the one about how Scott Walker never graduated college? #Fail.

The latest attack on Walker is that he has “up to” $50,000 in credit card debt to — wait for it — Sears.  

We don’t know exactly how much because financial disclosures only are made in broad ranges, so it could be as little as $10,000.

Regardless, it’s SEARS!

The Daily News does the hit on Walker, from the angle of it proving he’s not really a fiscal conservative:

“Owe, no!

2016 hopeful Scott Walker has tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, owing money to a list of banks and stores including Sears and Barclays, a new report alleges.”

Hello, it’s SEARS!

The Daily Beast actually puts it in proper context, Scott Walker Is Just Like You! In Debt:

Scott Walker owes Sears up to $50,000.

According to his most recent financial disclosure forms, the governor owed between $10,000 and $100,000 to credit card companies in 2014. One of the cards listed is a Barclay Card, and the other is a Sears MasterCard.

“Over the years, the governor has given $370,000 of his salary back to taxpayers,” emailed AshLee Strong, a spokesperson for Walker’s Our American Revival PAC. “He has two kids in college, parents who live with him, a mortgage, car payments, and small credit card use. All in all, pretty ordinary stuff.”…

The Boston Globe noted that Walker has the lowest net worth of any serious presidential contender: -$72,500.

That’s vastly lower than the next lowest, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who clocks in at $330,507….

With his negative net-worth, Walker could be the anti-Romney—and then some. Most Americans are much more familiar with hefty credit card debt than they are with dressage.

I don’t see how any of this hurts Walker.

The Boston Globe article linked by The Daily Beast was titled, Baggage of Wealth Burdens Presidential Candidates.

Walker doesn’t have that baggage.

You know what the biggest surprise in Walker’s financial status is? SEARS still exists!


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