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Where In The World Is Joe Biden?

Where In The World Is Joe Biden?

No apparatus…yet

When the Vice-President of a two term President seeks to reach the highest office in the land, they usually have a built-in advantage over all other contenders:

It’s pretty much a truism in American political history: If the president is not running again and the vice president wants his party’s nomination, it’s his for the asking.

That was the case in 1960, with President Eisenhower term-limited and Vice President Richard Nixon’s path to the GOP nomination unimpeded.

It was also true in 1968, when President Johnson decided not to run again and his vice president, Hubert Humphrey, won the Democratic nomination despite not having entered a single primary. The quests of Robert Kennedy and Eugene McCarthy ended in assassination in Los Angeles and violence in Chicago, but considering the way things were back in ’68, Humphrey may have had the nomination locked up from the beginning.

And while the situations were not exactly the same, George H.W. Bush in 1988, Al Gore in 2000 and Walter Mondale, a former vice president, in 1984 had built-in advantages within the party that helped them get their respective party’s nominations.

The story goes on to discuss the one time in recent history when it did not happen:

The only vice president in recent history who wanted to get his party’s nomination and succeed his retiring boss — but failed — was Alben Barkley. The number two under Harry Truman and a former Senate majority leader, Barkley made himself available for the nomination after Truman surprised the nation by taking himself out of the running in 1952, after losing the New Hampshire primary. But Barkley, who was 74 years old and in office for four decades, was dismissed as “too old” by many in the party, and that was the judgment from organized labor as well. The Democrats ultimately chose Adlai Stevenson.

So this raises the question: Why hasn’t Vice President Joe Biden thrown his hat into the ring? There hasn’t even been a hint he is running. There’s no word about him setting up any apparatus in Iowa or New Hampshire. He said the following about it when asked:

Biden has consistently left his options open; in his latest update, he told a group of regional reporters at the White House he had “plenty of time” to make a decision about getting into the race.

But does he? We can only guess why Joe hasn’t gotten into the race yet. Here are several reasons to consider:

1. He believes he doesn’t have much of a chance to win the nomination. From the same CNN piece, Hillary Clinton polls as the favorite for the nomination with a whopping 69%. Biden is at 11%. It would be quite humiliating for a sitting Vice President to lose that badly to a person who hasn’t held elected office in the last 8 years.

2. He doesn’t want to. Biden has served in government for over 40 years as a Senator and Vice President. It’s possible that he feels his time of public service is complete and just doesn’t want to see the grind of another campaign. Speaking of the grind….

3. Is he too old for the contest? Biden is 72 years old and would be one of the oldest candidates in history and the oldest President ever elected. Biden would be 74 years old if and when he’s sworn in, 5 years older than Ronald Reagan – the oldest President sworn into office.

4. He’s waiting for Hillary to implode. Biden may be a loose cannon but he’s not stupid. He’s seen Hillary’s disastrous rollout. He knows the e-mail issue is not going away entirely. Now there are questions about her time as Secretary of State and the Clinton foundation. He sees her ignoring the media. There are already rumblings about Hillary’s potential candidacy and Biden, unlike Clinton, can actually make that connection with “every day” voters.

Whatever the reason may be, Biden will have to make that decision sooner than later. It is only April of 2015 but the race for 2016 is nearly in full swing already.

If he wants to get an organization in place, line up donors and lay out a plan to beat Hillary, he’s going to have to get to work.


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My money is on #4. She detonates and he’s in.

    My theory can be called #4a: He’s waiting until every GOP candidate is geared up and running a campaign against Hillary, and when she implodes, then he’ll announce and broadside every single GOP candidate at once.

    It’s harder to run a successful election campaign when you’re all set to compete against someone who is no longer running.

legacyrepublican | April 22, 2015 at 8:25 am

Where in the world is Joe Biden? Somewhere in the world fondling Carmen San Diego.

#5. He’s too excited about the possibility of riding in the Scooby Doo van and brushing up against Daphne, that he can’t think about other, less important matters.

I sure hope Joe runs. After his performance in the last VP debate I’d like to see this smug idiot get his nose rubbed in a pile of shit. Watching all his progressive comrades turn on him with the sharp knives will be fun.

Henry Hawkins | April 22, 2015 at 9:56 am


He and his Secret Service detail are down in Florida, on the beach at Spring Break, swilling rum, snorting lines, and chasing tail.

Joe is recovering from carpal tunnel surgery; a painful condition caused by excessive groping.

Empress Trudy | April 22, 2015 at 3:44 pm

Why? Because he’s having too much fun being an idiot.

Much like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden’s popularity peaks during prolonged periods of invisibility.

NC Mountain Girl | April 22, 2015 at 7:17 pm

5. Too many former aides are now felons and Biden hasn’t found replacements.

Biden’s Illinois state chair person from the last time he ran for the Presidency, Jpseph Cari, Jr., exchanged a guilty plea over for his role in a kickback scheme involving state pension funds for testimony against Tony Rezko and former Governor Rod Blagojevich.