John S. Roberts reports that “Straight Pride” Posters Offend Some Students at Youngstown State University:

To summarize, the school wants to be an “accepting campus”. They accept Gay Pride Week but not Straight Pride Week. It looks like they will accept you as long as you believe exactly what they believe. #Fail

Roberts also reports that a Black Rand Paul Supporter Gets Shut Down by Liberal for Being a Black Rand Paul Supporter:

When constantly berated by left-leaning outlets such as “The Huffington Post” and “Comedy Central,” uninformed voters tend to follow the herd regarding completely phony “news” pushed by soulless celebrities and conniving liberal politicians.

Everyone knows that Republicans aren’t racist and sexist. We just love the constitution and are determined to stand up for it.

The left never seems to grasp that freedom of speech means just that. Freedom to say whatever, whenever; Freedom to support any political candidate one desires regardless of race or gender.

Suppression is a key ingredient for all Democrats, and until true conservatives come out and fight with their big boy gloves, the left will continue to win their never-ending political correctness crusade.

Kellan Howell writes, ACLU sues feds to force Catholic charities to provide abortions for illegal immigrants:

In a February 2015 letter to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the USCCB, which serves the largest faith-based refugee resettlement organization, wrote that forcing the charities to provide abortion services for immigrants in their care, even by referring pregnant teens to another organization to perform the procedure, would constitute the church facilitating a request that they view as morally wrong and would violate their religious freedoms.

David Mack notes, Pennsylvania High School Students Organize “Anti-Gay Day”:

Students at a Pennsylvania high school held an “Anti-Gay Day” protest on Thursday, wearing coordinated flannel shirts, writing “anti-gay” on their hands, and sticking Bible verses on LGBT students’ lockers.

“We came in to school on Thursday and found a lot of people wearing flannel and we couldn’t figure out why,” Zoe Johnson, a 16-year-old bisexual student at McGuffey High School in Claysville, told BuzzFeed News. “People started getting pushed and notes were left on people’s lockers.”

The anti-gay protest occurred a day after students with the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) held a “Day of Silence,” an event aimed at drawing attention to anti-gay bullying.

Donna St. George and Brigid Schulte write that the “Free-range” flap fans flames of a national debate on parenting:

In recent months, the focus has been Maryland, where the Meitiv family has had run-ins with Maryland Child Protective Services (CPS) for allowing Rafi, 10, and Dvora, 6, to walk home from area parks. The Meitivs — believers in the “free-range” kids movement, which encourages childhood independence — say their children have gradually increased how far they walk, starting with outings around the block.

CPS officials say the priority is protecting children and that they are required to follow up on calls.

How have we gotten so crazy that what was just a normal childhood a generation ago is considered radical?” Danielle Meitiv has asked. [emphasis added]

Watch this video from Reason TV about the dangers of criminalizing parenting: