RickPAC’s latest shows portions of Governor Perry’s speech at The Citadel earlier this week.

“As a former captain in the United States Air Force, I know the global good done by those who wear the uniform of our country,” Perry says. “I’m acutely aware of the sacrifice made by our soldiers, our sailors, and our marines.”

During college, Perry was a member of Texas A&M University’s ROTC unit, the Corps of Cadets. Upon graduation, he received a commission as an officer in the Air Force where he served for several years.

Perry seems to be taking his time, slow building for a potential 2016 bid. Speaking on Fox News’ Kelly File Monday evening, Perry mentioned his military experience saying:

“…And I think the more important part of this is to articulate to this country as I did today the real challenge that we have as a country,” Mr. Perry said. “This administration is hollowing out our military. We do not have the capacity today to be fighting two wars in two different theaters today, and that must be addressed.”

“And that’s the bigger issue and I think the more important issue for the American people to really focus on is the next president of the United States is going to absorb this chaos that’s being created by this administration, so we need to talk about how we build our military back up, how we project the western values, if [you] will, how we protect our allies and how we send clear messages to our enemies that if you cross a red line, there will be a consequence,” he continued.

If 2016 shapes up to be a rare foreign policy election, Perry’s military background might work more to his benefit than anticipated.

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