Rand Paul has managed to do something no Republican before him has done. In a series of recent comments and media appearances, the Kentucky senator has turned the abortion debate around, calling on Democrats and their media allies to defend their position on late-term abortion.

Paul’s position is summarized perfectly in this clip from Katie Yoders of News Busters:

Rand Paul: Ask the Other Side ‘When Does Life Begin?’

It’s time for pro-lifers to go on the offense, or so Sen. Rand Paul suggests.

On April 16, Sen. Paul (R-Ky.) addressed the pro-life movement at the Susan B. Anthony Campaign for Life Summit in Washington, D.C. Referencing his back-and-forth with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), the 2016 presidential candidate stressed that the pro-life movement must ask the other side, “When does life begin?” That question, he suggested, will keep the media from placing pro-lifers “neatly” in a “box.”

Here’s the video:

Paul has repeatedly called on DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to respond. Her efforts have been clumsy and evasive at best.

Last week she appeared on Megyn Kelly’s show where she struggled to put Paul back on defense.

Schultz then went on CNN where Wolf Blitzer was unable to get a clear answer from her.

I find it fascinating that the chair of the DNC suddenly wants the government out of health care decisions.

Rand Paul has definitely touched a nerve here. Let’s hope he keeps it up.


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