Martin O’Malley has made it pretty clear that he expects to challenge Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination for President in 2016. While most of the media is frothing over the Indiana/RFRA issue, O’Malley is quietly going around, giving interviews and meeting with people (and likely donors).

O’Malley represents a challenge from the left for Hillary that doesn’t come with the polarization that accompanies Senator Elizabeth Warren. The Hillary email scandal is not going away as more information drips out every day that contradicts the claims she made in that now famous press conference at the UN.

On Tuesday O’Malley was asked about the email scandal and essentially said if she has nothing to hide than she shouldn’t have an issue talking about it:

These comments come on the heels of comments O’Malley made on Sunday when asked about challenging Hillary Clinton. He said, “…“the presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families.”

Clearly, O’Malley was also throwing a dart at Jeb Bush with his reference to “two families” but this shows that O’Malley is not concerned about challenging Hillary directly.

How much of a challenge O’Malley can provide to Clinton relies on several factors:

  • Can he raise the money? Clinton’s fundraising will be off the charts and O’Malley is going to have to figure out a way to challenge that.
  • Can he pull together a coalition of more progressive voters that he can use to challenge Hillary effectively in the primaries?
  • Can he attack Hillary without her resorting to playing the victim (which she did in 2008 against Barack Obama) and if she does, how does he handle it?

All of this remains to be seen. That said, O’Malley has shown no early signs that he’s all that concerned about taking Hillary head-on.