General Michael Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, appeared on Megyn Kelly’s program last night. When asked what the odds are that China, Russia or another country hacked into Hillary Clinton’s private email system, he responded “very high.”

Watch the segment below.

The further down this rabbit hole we go, the worse it looks.

Keith C. Burris of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has had a change of heart on the issue.

He wrote this yesterday:

Hillary’s email is a story that shouldn’t go away

Maybe it was just contrariness, but my first reaction to the Hillary Clinton email story was a shrug.

I think that first reaction was wrong.

I don’t mean politically. I’m not sure the story — mini-scandal, if you will — will matter politically, except insofar as it is one more piece of baggage Ms. Clinton carries onto a flight that is already dangerously overloaded.

But I think there are lessons here, both large and local.

It looks to me like Ms. Clinton broke the spirit, and probably the letter, of the law. That’s a pretty stark and sobering realization.

I remember a friend of mine telling me that he kept up with Watergate while stationed in Venezuela in the Peace Corps. He would get old newspapers by post and read them by candlelight when the day was done. He said that when he read about the White House tapes and President Richard Nixon’s refusal to turn them over, he paced his cottage most of the rest of the night. “I realized,” he said, “that our president had no respect for law.”

Well, he had enough respect for political reality to eventually resign.

Featured image via FOX News video.